How I Chose My Word of the Year for 2018 (& 100 more ideas to help you!)

word of the year

Have you ever decided on a New Year’s Resolution  and found yourself slacking after the first week of the year? Im sure I have.

Our resolutions are usually based on new habits or things we want to happen but what we tend to forget is that we aim to achieve goals or acquire things not necessarily for what they are, but for how they would make us feel.

We miss the most important part of the formula, the strong foundation that makes goals sustainable - and that is knowing our why. Without this, it would not be a surprise then, for us to find excuses or back down in the face of fear. 

This year, I decided not to do any resolutions but call my goals a masterplan. [Don’t worry! I have nothing against resolutions. I just changed it up a bit for the fancy, and so I dont associate my new goals from previous ones where I disappointed myself. Eep!]

And with that masterplan, I realised that there should be a theme that encompasses it all and will set as a guidepost for me when it comes to setting intentions. That is my word of the year. 

A word of the year will serve as the theme for the next season that will help us focus and be clear in what we want to create and achieve. It will serve as a reminder, a whisper of love, and a push that will keep us grounded and protect us from giving in to our fears or being overwhelmed.

The word of the year should be something that resonates with us. It should be deeply rooted because it’s purpose is to get you from one side of the emotional spectrum to the other- from fear to massive inspired action.

Here's a list to help you! You can encircle or highlight the ones that speaks to you and narrow it down from there.


Have you chosen yours? I have! And Im ready to share it with you.


If you asked me two weeks ago, I was pretty sure my word would’ve been “brave” or “committed.” Your girl was basically ready for war. Then I read a book, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, that changed the way I perceive the things that I do and made me reflect on why I do them. 

I created a a mantra for myself that starts with “I show up because…” and I struggled choosing the right way to end it. There was “because what I have to say matters.” and “because my words could help people.” 

I read the book and it changed all of that. In one chapter where Liz (yup, we’re best friends) talked about the paradox of the importance and non-significance of creativity, my whole perception was altered. My creativity doesnt have to be important, it doesnt have to matter and Im not obliged to save the world with it. BUT it should be the most important thing for me. It should make me happy. 

And that kids, was how I decided what would be my word! 2018 would be the year of HAPPY.

I asked myself, how would I like to feel when Im alone? When Im with others? When Im working? When I wake up? When I go to bed?

At times we tend to always take ourselves way too seriously and let me tell you, it can drive us nuts! Especially when you’re someone who expects so much from yourself. But sometimes, we just have to step back, take a breather, and look at it from a bigger perspective and get down to the reason why you do what we do.

Sure, I do this because I want this to matter. I want people to find value in how I serve and what I spend my time creating. But most importantly, I do this because it makes me happy. It fulfills my soul and gives me a sense of purpose and belongingness. And the good news? It doesnt have to matter! Im accepting that now and I am letting go of the pressure that I have to create something that sparks a revolution. I’ll let the doctors be the doctors. Because as my favorite Macklemore lyrics says, “don’t try to change the world. Find something that you love, do that everyday and eventually the world will change."

For a long time, the question “what do I want to do with my life?” has circled in and out of my head. But that was never the real quest. It’s never what we do, it’s who we are becoming that truly matters after all. 

'Happy' sounds like shallow word, sure. Because happy, unlike joy, is based on circumstances, but still it is a word that feels home. It's time to take my pleasure seriously. Bliss is what Im going to seek and what Im going to let take the lead may it be in my work or relationships. If it doesnt make me happy, to hell with it. 

Magic comes somewhere in between work and play. I often forget the playing part, but Im bringing that back this time. This is my playground. I dont have to go out of my comfort zone, I only have to stretch it. Make it a wider place. I can immerse myself in the uncomfortable when I am confident, which happy makes it easy for me to have.

My main goal right now is to just be happy… No matter how selfish that may sound, I think it’s the most giving thing I could ever do. Because when I am happy, my joy extends to everyone and everything around me. I am able to share it with others and create things that inspires and motivates. When I am happy, I give. I am kind and gentle. When I am happy, I am confident in my work. I reflect the woman I want to become, and she isn’t selfish at all.

My all-time favorite affirmation resonates with my word as well. “I laugh at myself and that makes my life so much easier.” It's all falling together! Yay!

How about you? Have you chosen what your Word of the Year would be? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Happy new year!

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