5 Girlboss Ways To Kickstart 2018


Here comes 2018! Happy new year, everyone! 2017 was year of learning and growth and for us girls, we always strive to for the better. Major plans are brewing and we will need to up-level ourselves if we want to improve our lives. The holiday festivities may have taken a toll on my mindfulness and well-balanced chakras. [& diet, too] But with 2017 officially gone, with it should leave that same old set of excuses, habits and beliefs that only limit us. 

Here are some ways you can empty your cup and fill it up again. Talk about a life-wide sage!

1. Reassess yaself

Another set of lessons have been learned and so many great things has happened that are worth looking back on. Reviewing is also a way to gain clarity and strategy for our 2018 plans! I do this mindfully by asking myself a set of questions that I talk about here in this post.
If you would like to review your year, you can get your free 2017 Review free printable here so we can answer it together! This is the same one I used this year and Im so excited to know about your answers!

2. Create a vision board

Vision boards are great visual representations of our goals. Having something to look at would make the visualization, or let’s say, the daydreaming part more powerful and effective! It’s going to be my first time creating an actual vision board. Ive collected the photos already and Im excited to do it old school, with scissors, glue and a board. I think it will be more fun than to just make a digital collage and print it. What do you think?

3. Take some me time!

For things to work again, you need to unplug them. It’s the same for yourself. Let’s take the holidays to create a space for ourself so we could take a step back and adjust our focus. Meditate to free yourself of 2017’s worries. We’re not entering a new year with old setbacks now, are we?! This way, we can welcome the new year feeling rejuvenated. Even a new haircut gave me that ‘new year, new me’ feels. Haha!


Because creating space where there used to be unnecessary clutter is always a revitalizing experience.

  • Home
    My dad’s been making a MAJOR general cleanup of every imaginable corner of our home. We changed up the sheets and curtains and basically gave the whole house a bath. He repaired broken sockets, changed the dimming bulbs, and got rid of unnecessary things that take up space. Reorganizing furnitures and appliances around can be a little tricky but the house never felt more airy. In turn, I am more inspired and it feels just right to start the new year with a clean slate.
  • Digital Files
    Creating more space in this area is like putting your game face on for the new year. Who else enjoys the sound of the Trash emptying? Back-up all the files you need and remove things that dont really have to be on your desktop or phone.
    On top of that, it’s surprising how a change of screen wallpapers could make you feel a certain type of newness. Personally, I chose something from my vision board as my phone lock screen and a work affirmation for my home screen. As for my laptop, a motivating quote against my favorite color at the moment did the job! Come at me, 2018!
  • Memoirs
    For the longest time my remaining memoirs lived under my old bed in our previous home which my dad’s cleaning didnt miss. Could you imagine my horror when I woke up & found my things, including my Ed Sheeran posters in the trash? I LOST it. In the end, I retreated. I went over them to recover some journal entries and letters but wholeheartedly let go of other things such as water bottles, keychains, and fries cartons (i knowwwwww). Never my posters though. As I put them back in the trash with all the courage I could muster, I remember thinking to myself excitedly, “time to create new ones!”

5.  Sit down for some 2018 planning

This year I decided I would ditch setting new year’s resolutions! No more promises of desired changes that arent built on intention. What Im doing, instead, is creating a masterplan for the first quarter of 2018 backed up by my Word of the Year. [Yup, not the whole year, just the first three months. You see, Im open to major life changes, universe!]

I took a little break from bullet journaling but ooh Im excited to bring it back for the new year! I have some spread ideas already but Ill be sure to check out pinterest and youtube for more steal-worthy ones.

What are you doing to welcome the new year?


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