6 Reasons To Wake Up Early and Become A Morning Person

wake up early

Most of us have access to early mornings but with the bed being cozy and the air smelling like christmas morning, it is very easy to take advantage of it. Im a big advocate for getting up early because it changed the game for me. In fact, this post wouldnt be up if I hit the snooze button and chose to stay in bed “for five more minutes.” Sounds familiar? Haha!

Waking up early would be a great resolution for the coming year. If you need a little push, a motivation to stick to it, I gotchu. Here are 6 reasons to and benefits of waking up early!

Successful people are doing it.

Look up habits of high performance people and this is a pattern you will find. There are countless articles about their morning routines and why they wake up early as seen on Forbes, BusinessInsider, Entrepreneur, Reader’s Digest and more. Tony Robbins, Oprah, Michelle Obama, they swear by waking up early!

Gives you enough time & there are no rush.

I’m the biggest fan of slow mornings. I thrive off it. Watching the water boil, drinking tea while staring out the window, yoga, journaling and reading? Frick yes. Having an early start allows me to do that and to maximize my day. There’s no rush because who likes to start their day jumpy? When the need to rush is eliminated, there’s more room for optimism that stays throughout the day.

It builds momentum.

Whenever I wake up past 7AM, my energy is so low. I wake up later than that and I’ll spend hours in bed feeling bad about a wasted morning (and wasting even more.) But whenever I wake up early, there’s a rush of energy and adrenaline that makes me feel good and motivated. Before anyone else is up, I already have my momentum!

The quiet.

Most people wake up early because of this. The morning may be the only thing they can be freely quiet. Use it to your advantage. You can focus better because there are less distractions in the morning, plan your day in silence, or you can just enjoy the white noise. You can get your free mindful morning worksheet here!

You have time for breakfast aka the best thing of the day!

Who else feels like dancing at the mention of breakfast? When you wake up early, you get to prepare yourself something nice and energising for a head start. Enjoy your morning drink in all of its glory without rushing. And actually be in the moment to practice being mindful while eating.


Once I’m up, the first thing I do is look outside. Before I even drink water or head to the bathroom, I get my dose of sunrise. There’s something empowering about being up before the sun does, and watching the world’s waking. When you start early, you get to witness one of the most magical things in the universe. And in my opinion, it’s worth trading the cozy bed for.

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What time do you usually wake up? Do you think it affects your productivity?



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