A Guide to Doing Your 2017 Year-End Review (+ free printable!)

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It’s the second to the last day of 2017. What?! I used to be part of that group that seems to have no idea what day it is during this confusing time between Christmas and the New Year. But since starting my personal development journey, these days have quickly become my favorite time to sit down, reassess myself and plan for the coming new season!

Another 12 months have passed and looking back, another set of lessons have been learned and a whole lot of exciting experiences have happened. I know it’s easy to be lost in craziness of the holiday bustle. [In fact, kids are blowing their horns and trumpets as I do the last revisions for this post. It’s giving me the new year’s eve feels honestly but also, girrrl focus!]

Im a big believer of being future-focused and it’s so lovely seeing people share their new year’s resolutions here and there. But before we dive into all that, I also believe that reflecting on the past and reviewing it is an essential step in order to map out your goals for the coming year.

Reviews are my favorite way to end my weeks and months so it’s a no brainer that Im doing one for my year-ender as well! In June, I shared a pdf printable of the worksheet I used and of course, I created another one for you! You may get your free download HERE!

Every year I ask myself these questions in order to be grounded and as a reminder of the growth that came with every experience, good or bad. It is a great way to cultivate gratitude and track my progress in different areas of life.

You may print these out or answer these on your laptop! Or you may also bring out your journal and answer with me old school! Whatever floats your boat. The important thing is that you fill it with honesty and have fun and always always look at the brighter side.

I purposely ended it with a Dear 2018 and your Word for 2018 in order to set the stones for your new year planning and resolutions! 

You can get your free 2017 A Year In Review printable here!



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