Dear 2017, You've Been Wonderful


Dear 2017,

Another year, another reminder that there’s so much more to learn. And I couldnt be more excited looking forward. I found myself in between bookshelves in the library instead of at the cafeteria during lunch and there, you took me places and introduced me to life’s greatest mentors. 

Thank you for letting me experience genuine friendship once more. For giving me people who makes me want to become better every single day but at the same time, remind me that I am enough as I am. For the nights you reminded me that it’s okay to exchange my bed time and routine for heartful conversations and some dancing.

You’ve been the best at spoiling me! It strikes me every time I look at the things I have now, remembering the days I prayed for them. You felt like Christmas morning every time you reminded me you’ve got my back.

But most importantly, you let me reinvent myself. 

SO many times it never went according to plan but I know those are nothing but your redirections so I let go and just trust. And I was right, because looking back at every detail, every step I took blindly, the things I stubbornly held on to, they all have supported the grandiose ambition, the bigger plan, in one way or another.

The more I try to make sense of my current set of beliefs, the more it doesn’t. But still I always challenge them and root back to where they come from. It is always better that I question my faith instead of just walking blindly in it. And maybe it’s so much more than I can comprehend for now, but it is so freeing to be able to believe with that childlike faith. To see magic where others may see irrationality. 

I wouldnt want to look back at the past but you reminded me of the humility in accepting my flaws and owning my shortcomings. [And just laughing at it!] As my art professor once said, “you don’t see it as a mistake. you see it as part of the process.” 

Im sorry for the times I knew the answer but didn’t comply. 
For the times I thought twice about being kind & giving. 
For the times I found a stranger beautiful and didn’t speak it. 
For the times I settled, drained myself of self love and let fear win. 
For the times I forgot to listen to my higher self and gave in to protecting my ego.
For delaying the process because of my lack of trust.

But above all, thank you for the healing. 

For teaching me to give & to forgive. Including myself.
For reminding me of the patience extended to me that I can extend to others as well. For the loving kindness.
Thank you for teaching me to obey and for all the ways you pull me back and humble me when I stray too far. 
Thank you for the abundance and the opportunities to share.

You’ve been good.

Here’s to 2018.







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