Everything I'm Trying To Do For The Rest of 2017

Everything I'm Trying To Do For The Rest of 2017

We're halfway through November and before we know it, 2018 will be here! Before we start contemplating what our resolutions should be, let's remember that we still have a whole month left. We don't have to wait for the rest of the world to decide to change before we do, right?

I was inspired by this post by fromroses and it made me want to share what my goals are for the remaining months. Here are some of them!

1. Find a new notebook for journaling.

I'm down to my last few journal pages and I can't be more than excited to be starting a new one! I'll be on a quest for THE notebook again and it's one of the things I'm very keen and picky about. I like sturdy notebooks that will stay with me through thick and thin 😂 and at the same time, I don't repeat the same style or brand. Im trying to find a good one from a local independent brand just like my current one. If you have suggestions, let me know!

2. An actual digital clean up.

I clean up my desktop and hard drives here and there. However, I can be more organized than just piling everything into a folder to make my desktop look clean, right? There are 142 things on my "screenshots" folder and Im pretty sure I don't need 90% of those. And everywhere there are file1, file1.1, file1.2, and FINALFILE.PDF. I really want a clean start to my 2018 and general digital cleaning should be part of that. Not to mention the ones on my phone. Omg. It all gets cluttered and a multi-passionate college girl could only try so hard.

3. Visit relatives.

Ticked this off my list when I visited them earlier this week. There's nothing like the fresh air in the province! I didnt have service at all and you can read about my 3-Day break from Social Media here!

4. Take my dogs to a new place.

Originally, it was supposed to be "travel solo to a new place." but I realised Id be happier to take my dogs somewhere they havent been to. Even just to walk them in a different street or park. Im so inspired by dogs' thoughtfulness and how they appreciate the smallest gestures. I think my puppies deserve more. Whenever I turn to them crying, they squeeze their bodies into mine and lick my tears away. Gross, i know, but when you're an emotional wreck, it's the biggest thing in the whole world.

5. Slay my final output for my 3D Animation class.

Whenever Im on my finals week, I keep repeating "Okay. This is the last time Im gonna do this anyway so I might as well give it my best."  Is that good or bad? 🙃 For my 3D Animation class, we are tasked to create a 30 second video of anything under the sun. I'm actually enjoying what Im doing. I just have to keep the momentum going and soon, what I have in mind shall come to life. Or maybe even something better!

6. More mindset and vocabulary work.

This last thing goes without saying because I'm always trying to work on these things. 

More than skills, I think my mindset is what I need to work on the most. Because one can have the greatest talent but it's not much when you have a weak mindset. My affirmations ought to be said with a greater conviction. A greater self belief.

And by vocabulary, I didn't mean the scope of words I know. Although that would be great too! But I was referring to the words I use to speak to myself and about the things around me. The other day, I was walking to school and I cant remember what it was that I thought was "ugly." but I remember so vividly the moment it dawned upon me, "When did that word become part of your vocabulary, Nicole?" Sure, we can't always control our thoughts, but we DO have control over our words.

rest of 2017.jpg

What are your plans before the year officially ends? 



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