10 Healthy Bed Time Habits For A Restful Night

10 healthy bed time habits for a restful night

The things we do before sleep have a great impact on the quality of our rest and prepares us to tackle the day ahead. 

Start incorporating these into your night routine one by one! These bedtime habits will help you reflect, get ready for the next day and most importantly, relax after a long day. 

1. Have an actual bed time

Choose a bed time that (1) will work for you and (2) allow you to have enough hours of sleep. By work for you I mean, for example, you wouldnt set your bed time to 9:15 when you have a class until 9PM would you? This also helps you be aware of how much rest you are actually giving yourself.

Start by sleeping 15 minutes earlier than usual. Having a set bed time and actually sticking to it helps our body clock as well as the quality of our sleep. And that's according to research!

2. No tech

When the day is over, ditching technology allows us to disconnect properly.  Not only does it lets our eyes properly rest, but as well as our mind. When Im on my phone, I tend to stay past my bed time mindlessly watching videos or reading tons of articles so I make sure that once my bedtime alarm rings, my phone is put to airplane mode and my laptop is on my desk. Putting my phone away an hour before I sleep is one of things Im grateful I started doing.

3. Do your cleansing routine

Activities such as brushing your teeth, floss, skincare, all of that and more. Hot bath helps your muscles and relaxes our bodies. And I really really cant sleep without taking a bath. Just imagine bringing all the dirt from outside to my sacred place aka my bed.

4. Journal / gratitude log

Sometimes the day can be so draining that the last thing we want to do is to recall every single thing that happened. I try to journal as much as I can especially whenever I come home early but if not, I at least fill in my gratitude log for the day and make a bullet list of what happened.
It's time we start acknowledging our accomplishments, evaluating how our day went and practicing gratitude before we doze off for the night.

5. Plan for the next day

You know that feeling when youre all cozy and comfortable in bed already but then your mind wouldnt shut up about what you have to do for tomorrow? It sucks. Writing those tasks down usually helps clear our mind and it’s a guarantee that even if you forget something the next day, you always have your list to come back to and remind you!

6. Tidy up

Clear up your desk, plan your outfit ahead and make sure that your bag is ready to go so you don’t have to worry about it in the morning. Helps alot especially when youre in school. Leaving important papers and homework is a nightmare!

7. Drink tea

Having a cup of tea signals my body’s downshifting. Even the mere act of preparing myself one is enough to calm me down after a full day. But do your research first on which tea to drink because most of them have high level of caffeine. The safest would be chamomile or peppermint (which is my least favorite tbh haha) because they’re more or less caffeine-free.

8. Read a book

Reading before going to sleep is a great way to gradually wind down. Books help us avoid our mind’s tendency to steer into complex places aka overthinking that keeps us up at ungodly hours. The most successful people read alot and if you cant squeeze it in your busy day, a lot at least 10 minutes of your time in the evening. 

9. Listen to a guided meditation

This has got to be my most favorite part of my bed time routine. I learned that I get the best quality of rest whenever I fall asleep with these on. Also, be careful when choosing because sometimes the wrong meditation can actually gear up our brains and keep us awake for the next 12 hours (happened to me twice, but those were the best nights of my life that are for another post lol) 

This is the one I fell asleep to last night. Couldnt have slept better!

10. Sleep environment check

A dim light or dark environment also helps in sending signals to our body that it's time to get some rest. Set the right amount of temperature. Your blanket, pillow/s, your teddy bears or what have you. I also wear the least amount of clothing to sleep and it feels so light after wearing denim. Light silk dresses are the way to go! 

You may also prepare a glass of water for the next morning, or for when you wake up in the middle of the night. It’s a simple gesture, but one of the greatest acts of self love

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Sleep well,