Thoughts After a 3-Day Social Media Break


Ive been noticing negative emotional patterns caused by my mindless scrolling. Detox, according to my dictionary means ”a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances." Maybe we call it 'social media detox' for a reason after all. 

I allow myself technology breaks here and there. Deleting apps, phone on flight mode or leaving it at home.. perhaps what made the difference is the feeling of being "away." In the province. No expectations from myself or the world.

These are what happens and your realizations when you visit relatives, don’t have service and leave your phone charger back at home..

1. The things that really matter

I took the break as an opportunity for self reflection.

We all take selfies but the question is, do we know ourselves?

Far from the mountain of posts, we are able to go deeper and distinguish the things that are really ours from those who we are forced to be.

When we’re far from it all, the negative emotions that comes with it, all the frustration and feelings of not being enough goes away too. We reconnect just to what really matters and we realize how lucky we are.

It was the first time in a while that I was able to watch the sunset without thinking of anything else. Also, just how many stars could there be? I was also able to dive into the book that Ive been trying to rid forever and enjoy my own space.


2. My high expectations of myself can be unhealthy

When I came back, I was overwhelmed with the amount of tasks I have to catch up to and there was the “oh my gosh, Im running out of time” feeling again.

And guess what? My class aren’t until next week and it’s all self imposed.

All I really wanted was to just hop on the bus and go back to my grandmother's house watching the birds, taking bubble baths and long walks.

To get things done, we should expect it of ourselves first because motivation should always come from within. However, just like everything else, it can be detrimental once it gets too much.

There are only so many things we can do in one day. Like motivation, encouragement too should start with ourselves. Inspired action never comes from a place of fear, but from a place of belief.

To be able to do our best, we shouldn’t be caught up in how much someone else is getting achieved and remember that we are doing enough. That we are on the right place on our journey.


3. Focus on my own thing.

With the amount of things there are to consume, we often get caught up with other people’s businesses, playing a game called “how many articles can I read in this amount of time?”

With these out of reach, I was able to actually get things done. I wasn't planning, nor doing research it almost felt so magical because I felt overflowing. Like I was a fountain of words. It was all inspired action I was taking and that was possible because I didn't mind any other thing and trusted that I have it inside me.

Once you come back, you’ll be surprised. Everyone is still everyone and the only thing that changed is you. It’s like you didn’t leave. The same people are waiting on your subscription box and newsletters piling up on your email at your disposal.

So you might at well focus on you.


4. Refreshed.

There were certain moments where it just looked so pretty I badly wanted to snap a photo, but voila, phone’s dead so all I could do was enjoy the pretty sunlight illuminating my room, casting beautiful shadows over my feet as I read a book while drinking my favorite drink, which isn’t really so bad. 😌

They say we should ‘disconnect to reconnect’ and it’s true. The break was more than enough to get me back to my grind. Ive missed working! And things just got a whole lot clearer, like going back to my higher self and the path paved for me.


I'm not blaming it on social media, or other people for that matter. Im learning to be accountable for my own emotions.

We all want to share, to document, to have a feeling of importance (something I learn from Carnegie) And honestly, I enjoy seeing everyone’s faces and learning things about people there’s a little chance of me actually meeting.

I guess it was just the way I approached it. I lost control, maybe and in the process my sense of self was on the littlest depths. The "intention" around it was lost.

But with all of these lessons in my pocket, Im able to be better in what it is I want to do. To serve better and more emphatically and to give only excellence.


AND the greatest thing I came back to? One of my favorite bloggers/photographers expanded her business. I still can't stop smiling, feeling like a proud mom. Check her studio out here!

social media detox.jpg

When was the last time you took a break from social media? How did you feel afterwards?



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