11 Self Love Quotes To Live By


Self- love is the source of all loves. 

I always tell people we can’t pour from an empty cup. That's quickly become one of my favorite quotes since reading it a few years back. It’s taken me a long time to not feel guilty about protecting my own energy, about being selfish with my time, about choosing to prioritize myself. After I realised that if I didnt do that, if love did not start from me, I wouldnt have the love that Im able to extend to others now. I wouldnt be able to serve in the best way I know how if I didnt believe in my value and own purpose.

Self love isnt all running yourself a hot bath and putting on a face mask. It encompasses self care, self acceptance and self awareness. It is being patient with your own healing. Letting yourself feel certain emotions and understanding that we cant always be our 100%.

Acceptance is embracing all of it- owning your greatness as well as seeing the beauty in your own flaws. When you accept yourself, you become the validation you used to seek from the outside. You become a master of your circumstances instead of a victim of where you are.

Once we learn our value and the fact that is does not depend on any outer source, we'll learn to value our own time and how we spend our resources including our energy. 

We wont expect others to make us a priority because we already do that for ourselves and that way, we can love unconditionally, we can show up when they need us without forgetting about ourselves. We can build our boundaries without shutting people out. Loving ourselves unapologetically gives us the courage to do the same for other people. 

In planes they tell us to put our oxygen mask first if an emergency happens because if we do, we would be able to help others too. Watch this Humans of New York video and let a woman tell you something about loving yourself first. She tells just how life embraces us when we put ourselves first. 

I found some quotes that inspires self- love and turned them into graphics that you may use as wallpaper. Gotta remind yourself of the power of it every time you check your phone! You may download them by right-clicking and saving the photo or click HERE to download the zip folder!

I hope you've had a lovely Valentine, beautiful. However you spent it, I hope it was filled with so much love because you deserve it!

And as always,

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