35 Ways You Can Improve Yourself Right Now

Improving yourself doesnt always mean taking massive actions and making death-and-life decisions. It doesnt have to be the first of January, or any other month for that matter. It doesnt always take intricate planning to do. 

To improve yourself, you just have to decide to do it. Even is small actions. Breakthrough is found in our small efforts we repeat day in and day out, it is found in our small choices that are seemingly insignificant.

You dont have to wait for a life changing event, you can start right now, wherever you are. Here are some ways you can improve yourself right now!

  1. Listen to an interview of a successful person
  2. Listen to a motivational podcast
  3. Develop a morning/evening routine
  4. Practice gratitude
  5. Start a journal
  6. Take a long walk
  7. Go for a few days of social media/technology detox
  8. Do a general clean up
  9. Organize/set up an inspiring workspace
  10. Clean out your wardrobe
  11. Plan your week ahead
  12. Connect with old friends
  13. Learn a new skill
  14. Listen to new music
  15. Do a random act of kindness
  16. Pamper yourself with a bath,
  17. Try meditation
  18. Work out for an hour
  19. Drink more water.
  20. Write a letter to your past/future self
  21. Learn a new language
  22. Change your bedsheets
  23. Start an adventure fund
  24. Develop a self care routine
  25. Start a self care box/package
  26. Catch up on tasks
  27. Prepare yourself a healthy food
  28. Watch a motivational film
  29. Do a life audit/reassess your goals.
  30. Start a passion project
  31. Read a personal development book
  32. Read a biography
  33. Meal Prep for the week
  34. Create a playlist of songs for motivation
  35. Look up events near you to connect to like-minded people

What are you going to do today to be closer to the person you want to become? 



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