August Goals + Focus

nicole constante

It's August! The world has one month before I start feeling like an entitled birthday queen~ haha!

My word for this month: Intentional.

I want to be intentional with my choices and actions. I want to be intentional with my time, energy and my money.
I want to be intentional with the people I allow in to my life because really, the people in my life, I share my energy, my time, and my money with. I used to be the kind of person who says "I'm grateful for those who arrive and who wants to stay will stay." But I didnt realise that I was giving up my control in that area. I want to be as nice and as welcoming as possible and I mean, I'm so grateful for the people I meet.

But this time, I'll allow myself to have a choice in who stays and takes up space in my life. I'll be more careful on who I say yes to because this girl????? When I care about someone, I'll literally turn into a nurse for them, if that makes sense. Haha. I'm just happy that most of the people right now are deserving of it and knows how to appreciate. Also, I cant afford to be surrounded by negativity right now especially after the burnout I experienced. This month, I'm gonna be intentional and happy. That's what!
So, with that, I wanted to write about my goals for August! I'm soo looking forward to this month! 

1. Plan my trip to Toronto

I'm going to Toronto! Last night, I officially booked my flight and bought tickets for Tony Robbins! I'm so grateful it's actually happening. In January, I started a coin bank for the Archangel Summit that I wanted to attend (Brendon Burchard is speaking!!!) Long story short, like all the other piggy banks Ive started, I didnt end up continuing it but oh my gosh. When I saw Tony Robbins ad on the summit page, I knew I had to go. It's Tony Robbins! The fact that Jen Sincero will be there is a cake on top. I'm not even excited about my birthday.. LOL

I'm also going to see family! I'm only staying for a few days and I wish I made it longer since I dont really have to be home but it's set now and I just have to make the most out of it! I want the trip to be planned just so I could maximise my stay but knowing myself, I know I'm still gonna wing most of it haha! See you soon, Niagara Falls!

2. Enroll in meditation/yoga classes.

Once I get home, the first thing I'm gonna do is cancel my gym subscription because I found that I enjoy working out more at home and going to gym is such an inconvenience and takes so much of my time if someone's not driving. Haha! I only enrolled to spend time with mom anyways and I like getting my workout done in the morning.

Instead, I'm enrolling in meditation classes because as Ive told you about, my headspace has been kind of cluttered. I would love to train it more and be more confident in my discipline and self control game. But more importantly, I just want to take care of my mindset just as I take care of my body physically.

3. Post daily on the gram

Lool how superficial can I get?! But in all honesty, I really enjoy Instagram and I'd love it to be my number one lead generation system for my business and my marketing platform so it only makes sense that I prioritise it. And this time, I want to approach differently. I want to give as well and be part of as many community as possible. I want to help others out, be genuine with my audience (although I could be so childish haha!), and show up as the best version of myself. I have tons of pictures to post as well! Gee. Gotta get over that perfectionism and waiting for the perfect caption to come outta my system haha!

4. Set up and update my systems & clear my to-do list.

I want August to be the month I fully catch up. My to-do list has only grown longer and I didnt really put the effort in to check some things off, both from my "YES!" attitude and lack of sense of priority. But this month it's going to be different. I'm going to build my client onboarding systems, update my website and portfolio, fix my SEO, set up my pinterest, finish backlogs, review my finances, and sit down and figure out where I wanna go with my brand. I'm also gonna study and learn more about my craft and niche every day!

5. Spend the first hour of the day for myself.

This one, I think, will be the anchor of my month. I want to make my morning routine a non-negotiable no matter what the day would bring or how early it should start. When I have my quiet time, my slow mornings, and my solitude just journaling or eating breakfast or drinking tea staring into space, I give myself the opportunity to be primed and filled up so I could pour more into others and serve them wholly. 

Writing this down and publishing it makes me feel like I have my life back together haha! And I genuinely feel that I do. I'm almost back to zero. Let's do this, August. 

Here's a quote for ya:


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