Breaking Through Fear and Self-Doubt with Tani Morgan

Tani Morgan is a mindset mentor and coach, yoga teacher, mother and the epitome of a powerhouse woman. She helps other women break through their limiting beliefs by transforming and reprogramming their mindset and belief systems. We all struggle with self doubt and fear and try to deal with it by being logical and strategic in business but the battle isnt outside. We can only have a break through with a renewed mindset. It all starts and ends in our minds. We all get scared, but when we choose to tune in to our higher selves and set our minds to something, anything is really possible.

Im going to be honest, meeting her was beyond exciting to me! It’s not always that I meet someone who speaks my ‘language.’ All things spiritual, intuition, high vibe, the universe, journaling, meditation.

We started with a phone call wherein she asked me why I want to do it in the first place. You see, she does everything with purpose and intention. I was trying to reread her answers on the way to our meeting so I wont miss a thing but what ended up happening was me trying to pry deeper into her story again as though it was my first time asking.

I’ll spare you the details, because Id let her be the one to narrate her story below as she answered the questions.

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1.     Your private mentoring program is called Spiritual Business Mentoring for Soul Inspired Entrepreneurs, can you tell us about what a “soul inspired entrepreneur” is and how does he or she differ from another entrepreneur?

Sure, a soul-inspired entrepreneur is someone who is following their calling, who is doing something they love and is not just in business to make money. They want to impact the world in a positive way and they are listening to their intuition to find out how to do that.

2.     For many of us, failure sounds like such a scary thing but I love how you said on your website that the only failure is quitting and once you realized that, it became okay for you to allow yourself to stumble because you would learn from it. How did you finally adopt this kind of mindset and what role does it play on your business?

I’m not sure exactly where I heard that mindset first but I know that when I first started, I had the story that I wasn’t good at following through with things. I thought “I’m good at starting stuff but I never follow through with it”. This scared me a lot as a new entrepreneur because I knew if I gave up, then I would fail. I didn’t want to fail so I knew I was going to have to change the way I was thinking about it and I started to look at examples in my life when I didn’t give up.  

Once I found the examples, every time I caught myself thinking “I’m not good at following through”, I would switch my focus to the examples that proved that when I was wanted something badly enough, I didn’t give up. And now that is my true story -  I know that I am very determined when I want something and I won’t give up until I get it.

The other benefit of using the mindset “ I will only fail if I quit” is, it allowed me to do the things that felt scary. When I worried about “what if no one shows up to my webinar?”or “what if no one buys my program?” I could remind myself that there was always something to learn and that it wasn’t failure unless I quit.

Tani Morgan | Photo by Nicole Constante.jpg
Tani Morgan | Photo by Nicole Constante-37.jpg

3.     Let’s talk about your business journey. You started as a yoga teacher and then soon became a mentor. What was the turning point and how did pivoting look like for you? Tell us about your transition process. 

I still am a yoga teacher and I love it but yes I added mentoring about a year later. When I was starting out as a new yoga teacher, I wanted to learn how to grow my business so I started researching online and found the online coaching industry. I kept seeing signs that I was meant to support and mentor other women. But of course as many aspiring entrepreneurs, I had the fear that I wasn’t good enough and I wondered “who am I to mentor or teach others?” Finally the universe had someone reach out and ask me if I would help grow their business when I had never even told anyone that I was thinking about mentoring other women. This was a huge sign and I remember looking up and saying “ok, I get it, I’ll do it” and that was when I hired my first business coach, because I knew that if I was going to do it, then I needed to have help from someone who already did it. 

The interesting thing is that when I was deciding what to do with my life, my two choices were counselling or yoga teacher.  I didn’t know about the coaching industry when I was thinking about counselling but it’s interesting to me how similar they are.

5. What new beliefs and rituals have you developed that supports you and your business and keeps you high vibe?

A belief that I’ve developed is that I am amazing exactly as I am, with all of my perceived flaws. I’m a messy human and am totally ok with that. I know that I am a good person and have let go of any drive to be seen as perfect. This new state is SO empowering.  Daily yoga, mindfulness and practicing gratitude along with my morning routine are what support both my business and myself.

6. From your clients, do you see a repetitive pattern of fear or any kind of challenge that holds them back from doing what they want to do?

Yes, many women don’t feel good enough to lead others and they are afraid to put them out online authentically.  I help them realize how valuable they truly are so that they feel confident and powerful to get visible online, raise their prices and make the difference they want to see in the world.

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7. What does a typical day look like as an entrepreneur and how do you navigate your relationships (family, social, etc)?  

I get up at 5:15am to practice yoga and meditation, then I get the kids ready and off to school. On the way back from dropping them off, I listen to audio books, YouTube videos or uplifting audios to get in the right mindset for the day. When I get to my desk, I plan out my day and then I get to it. I have mentoring calls with my clients, get visible on social media and create content. When the kids get off the bus at 4:30, I stop working and help them with homework, chat with them about their day and get them to their evening activities.

8. You recently held another event for YEG High Vibe Tribe (which I wish I could’ve gone to!), can you tell us more about this project? How did you come up with the idea? What happens during these networking events?

YEG High Vibe Tribe was a collaboration between women who thought that the current networking events weren’t serving their needs. We wanted a place to make really authentic connections instead of just handing our business cards out to a bunch of people. We wanted the events to have amazing high vibe energy and leave the attendees feeling inspired, supported and motivated. According to our feedback from the last meeting, we’ve achieved our goal.

9. What does being “high-vibe” mean and what’s the importance of surrounding yourself with that kind of energy?

To me High Vibe means living in the states of higher vibrational emotions like acceptance, courage, love and peace. It means to live in alignment with your inner divinity – the God within you. IT is so important to live a high vibe life so that you are happy, healthy & growing. Everyone wants to feel joyful, loving and peaceful all the time and that’s what being high vibe is.

10. You’ve battled with depression once and was able to heal yourself from it, what would be your advice for those who are still suffering from mental illness and being paralyzed by it from being who they want to become?

You can overcome depression. I believe that it can be cured and that you do not need to live with it for the rest of your life. IF you are depressed, something is out of alignment in your body and/or mind and it can be changed. You have the power to create the life that you want to live and feel the way you want to every day