Bullet Journal: JUNE 2018 Plan With Me!

JUNE 2018 Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Month at a Glance

It's been a while since Ive used my bullet journal honestly! And at first I thought maybe Ive finally outgrown it and my obsession was just a phase. But today, it's a different story. IM FRICKIN OBSESSED.

Yesterday, I went to Michaels and got my first Tombow pens and boy, was my love reignited! It got me so excited to work on new spreads and I realised that maybe the reason I felt so out of it was because I was doing the same spreads over and over again and wasnt even making an effort to create spreads that I like, pulling that "I dont have the time or skills (or the right pens!) to Bujo!"

Once I started I couldnt stop. Lol that's what she said?! The difference some fancy pens could make! I went to one of my favorite coffee shops with a friend. They had a live band that played instrumental music- Cellos and all! It got me so excited and feeling like a french girl while creating my spreads. 

I got to Bujo in such a schamncy setting with schamncy pens with to-die-for desserts! Im winning!

JUNE 2018 Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Finances Planner & 20 before 20

On my last post, I told you about my obsession with money management after reading "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker. I first did the exercises on my phone and as I was creating my spreads for June I was like, "Oh, why dont I create a spread for this!!!!!!" So yup. It followed my month at a glance haha! 

I thought about names to call this page such as "expense tracker" but it didnt feel appropriate, nor does "budget." It only felt right and encompassing when I came up with the term "Finances." I filled it up already so I intentionally brushed over it!

Next up, my 20 before 20 bucketlist! I'm turning 20 in a few months? Um excuse me???? I remember doing this when I was turning 18. But I dont want this to be a typical bucketlist with skydiving etc. Although that would be fun, too! I only have a few months left so I'll maximize the stretch!

JUNE 2018 Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Habit Tracker & Mid Year Review

Maybe next time I'll come up with another adjective but for now, I. AM. SO. excited about this HABIT TRACKER!  I used to dread habit trackers on the third day but I have a feeling I will enjoy this one. And Id be so darned happy and proud of myself if I actually go through with this one. I'm only tracking 6 things this month - journaling, creating/sharing, learning (podcasts, books, videos, research, etc.), eating healthy, not spending woops, and self care! I used to track a million things and maybe thats why I slacked on it. Let's see how this goes! 

The quote on the bottom says "motivation gets you going, habit gets you there."


It's June! Meaning we're already halfway done with 2018. This is something I do every year. I looked back at my Mid Year Review post from last year, and I just am amazed because time feels so linear. What I said then, I would also say now no matter how different the circumstances maybe. I read that letter again, and it's still timely. Or maybe it's timeless. Because right, I'm a never ending process. 

JUNE 2018 Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Gratitude Log


Well, that's what it is supposed to be haha but I named it "favorite part of my day" because let's be honest, one line isnt enough for what Im grateful for! So there. I didnt get to fill up my last one and I dont know where my May went but I swear on everything this will be filled up by the end of June (even if I have to drag myself for it haha!)

JUNE 2018 Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Weekly Spread To Do List


This spread turned out so good it makes me want to cry! Look at the flowers! And the yellows! Also love the quote that says "may the petals teach me the art of letting go.." This one stood out to me when I was looking up flower-related quotes. 

Do I want to use it already or am I afraid to mess it up? AAH

I also created a mastertask list so I could just dump the tasks from May that I need to migrate. I left spaces because Im planning to categorize my to do list, too. Hopefully that helps!

JUNE 2018 Bullet Journal Plan With Me | Christian, Spiritual, Bible Reading

And this one, I just created this morning. Here's a calendar with "Jesus Time" at the top because I want to be accountable to reading the bible everyday in June, hence the quote at the bottom! On the boxes, I'll write which verse resonated with me! Also can I get an amen for that cute lamp?

On the right is my Spiritual Lessons page. It's kind of self explanatory and there's also an example haha! It was something I got from the preaching I was listening to this morning! So powerful. Im learning a lot and they kind of get lost in my journal so I wanna collect them on a page here in my bujo.

What I wanna say is that, Im obsessed with my bullet journal again and I cant stop looking at it. For a moment I felt impatient today and I just looked at "There are always flowers.." quote and my mood immediately escalated! Have I also told you yellow is my favorite color???? And sunflowers are my favorite too?!