Downtown Toronto's Most Instagram-Worthy Coffee Scene

I spent 5 days in Toronto. I only had 2 days to explore downtown and still, I managed to check out 5 coffee shops! #priorities. Visiting cafes is my favorite part of my travels because I feel that somehow, I get to be a part of that place.

Toronto had screamed “DREAMS ACHIEVEMENT SUCCEED GOALS” the first time I stepped foot and it was powerfully pleasing to get to know the city even more through its busy coffee shops.

The first two places I went to were so busy I couldnt find a place to sit down and watch people while enjoying my hot chocolate. Everyone either had their faces down on their laptops or was on what seemed like very important conversations. It didnt help that it was rainy outside so their patios were closed.

But oh Toronto, I miss your energy so much. Thank you for the privilege to know you.

  1. Dineen Coffee

They have three branches across the city and if that doesnt tell you something, I dont know what would. It was such a cool being here in person after only doing research about it when I was looking for something that’s open past 7 for a meeting. It was fairly spacious but the place was packed when we got there, it wasnt even during the rush hour! I was able to get quick photos before heading out and I’m glad I did!
140 Yonge Street | 199 Bay Street, Commerce Court West Lobby | 1042 Gerrard Street East


2. Versus Coffee

The cutest little coffee shop! It’s not ideal for client meetings as the place is a bit small and having your space isnt a guarantee, but when I got there, I could just imagine myself taking my laptop out and getting to work! It let such beautiful natural light and the white walls were so calming. It made the space look more spacious than it actually was. Take your friend or date here as well!
70 Adelaide St, E | 7AM- 7PM Weekdays | 9AM-5PM Weekends


3. XO Bisous
60 Adelaide Street East | 8AM-6PM Tuesdays til Fri | 8AM-3PM Saturday

Technically not a cafe, but they had good hot chocolate (!!!!) and other drink choices that I bet is just as good on their menu so let’s consider. This place is fairly small too! Toronto’s commercial space must really be THAT expensive. Haha! But they only had a wide table that you can share with other customers. I wouldnt consider doing a meeting here, but guess what? When we got there, there was someone doing an actual JOB INTERVIEW at this place. WHa? At first I thought they were having their first date to be honest! Haha! I told my aunt how cute they looked until I realised they were talking about systems and workflows and millions of dollars and okay! Job interview.


4. Jimmy’s Coffee

This place will always always be special. It was also one of the place I researched about so it was nice to bump into it while exploring Kensington. Aside from the aesthetic bookshelf, concrete walls and paintings, they also had prints from a talented photographer up for sale! We sat on their patio, which was one for the books. It was filled with plants and had a fake staircase plus a hanging bicycle! Haha!

They have 7 branches currently and opening one this month! (October) GO YOU JIMMY!
191 Baldwin St. | Mon to Sun, 7:00am - 9:00pm


5. Fika Cafe

Another coffeeshop Ive read about that I didnt expect to stumble upon walking down Kensington Market. Haha! One of my August Goals was plan my Toronto trip but I never got around to it. Kensington ended up one of my favorite places not only in Toronto, but out of all places Ive been to. That avenue is just filled with life. By life, I meant boho thrift shops, vintage stores, vegan bakeshops that looked like unicorn houses, wall art and beautiful beautiful people.
28 Kensington Ave | 10am-6pm Daily

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