How to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions


Soo, you've decided and set actionable goals, now what? 2018 is the year of making things happen & of building ourselves up, not of resolutions kicked in the corner after a week or two. 

There’s something about the new year that makes us want to just be a whole lot better. Time may be a concept, but we should take this as an opportunity to finally making things happen. Start that podcast, write that book, transition into a healthier lifestyle, save up for traveling, rock those exams & essays, learn a new skill.. whatever your goals may be, let's make this year one of discipline and integrity. After all, we want to achieve those goals for a reason.

Plant it in the subconscious.

Write it down. Write your goals down and place it somewhere you will always see. It has been proven to work than just keeping it in mind or typing it out. Read it out loud every single day when you wake up! Have an alarm that goes off at random hours to remind you.

Set deeper intentions.

A vision, guided by the purest intentions will make the difference. Think about how it will improve your life and how it can help you be a better individual. When we get disappointed by not getting what we want right away, specially if it’s something we’re so used to getting instantly, we lose the heart of our goal. Having a greater purpose will propel you forward and will fuel your motivation.

Come up with a theme word/phrase!

A theme word or phrase will help you gain back focus when the distractions and excuses come into the picture. It can be anything such as “empowered” or “space” that will remind you of the big picture goals you’re working towards. Here are 100 ideas to help you!

I shared mine and talked more about having a word of the year here!

Break it down into smaller goals.

Dont make it so far in the future. Having a big picture in mind is good too but sometimes it can be so overwhelming. Doing small changes little by little is the key to making your goals sustainable. Baby steps!

For myself, I have one big picture goal and I break it down into smaller ones by choosing an area of focus for every 3 months. It keeps me from being distracted and to cultivate self discipline. You may download your free Quarterly Goals worksheet here!

Keep yourself on track.

Reviewing your goals is a great way to develop self accountability. Whether you do it every month or every week, it keeps you on track on where you are with your goal now and which methods work and the ones that dont. It will help you reevaluate. I do monthly reviews and here I spill the beans on how I do it!

Find your tribe

Find an accountability buddy or people going on the same journey. Community helps a lot more than we can imagine! Even for the biggest introvert, the littlest encouragement and support can do so much. It doesnt even have to be people within arms’ reach. Support groups, getting a coach or mentor, creating your own pop-up group, etc- with the friendship opportunities technology allows us today, the possibilities to connect are endless!

Celebrate yourself!

You dont have to wait for the big thing to happen before you allow yourself to feel successful. Celebrate the small wins and be so obsessed about it! Share it with others! Give credit where it’s due but remember to choose a reward that wont undo your hard work. And sometimes, if you’re passionate about it, the journey itself is the reward.



Try a different approach

Like what they say, “Be stubborn about your goals and flexible with your methods.” There’s no one exact method that will work for everyone and if something doesnt work out, move on to plan b. Just as there could be different routes to get to a certain place, there are more than one way to do things! Having variation will keep the process interesting.

Stay kind to yourself

The setbacks are normal, and believe it or not, beneficial in order for you to be better in accomplishing your goal. Learn to be kinder to yourself because every step backwards allows to be smarter to take more steps forward.

Remember that you can always reevaluate, and sometimes we realise that something isnt really what we want and that’s okay too. Some things didnt work out and I realised that it’s not really what I wanted. Most of the time, “failures” are nothing but redirections.

What are your plans for 2018? 




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