I Got My Business License!


So I did a thing 5 days ago..

I just registered and got my business license! BABY STEPS WHO???? 😭

Kept it to myself for a few days to let it sink in and process what’s happening (LOL OMG) I told a few people who celebrated this milestone with me. My heart is full from all the high-fives and hearing “get it girl!” 💛

5 months ago I moved to Edmonton, without knowing a single soul except my parents, still figuring myself out and I actually wanna do out of my 700 hobbies. Frick, I didnt even know how to commute and how public transport works here!

I thought at 19 I would still be in a classroom on my way to get a diploma. And Im still blown away by the fact that my mom had me when she was my age (and still got that frickin Bachelor’s Degree, btw.) And yet here I am, growing my own “baby” business! EEEE.

I used to be conscious calling this my job but ya’ll, you bet I’ll be screaming around telling everyone I’m a photographer! ITS LEGIT 😭

That day (June 14) I didnt have any idea about what was to happen. I’m ambitious and all but girl, getting a business license at 19??? In a place I havent even spent half a year at? GIRL! I went on doing my morning routine and checking off my to-do list and then later that day found myself in a place full of adult staring at me because I was crying! WHO DOESNT CRY WHEN THIS HAPPENS????? I MEAN????

I guess I was THAT messy crying because literally the day before that, I had to crawl myself out of discouragement because of my worries for THIS same reason. I stayed positive and wow. Just wow.

The universe is so so good to me!

It’s always one step at a time.
Just like when driving at night and you could only see the next 200 meters from your headlight.
It would be such a disservice to yourself and to the world if you stay stuck pulled over at the side of the high way worrying about the destination!
The answers and the “how” will show up if you just keep moving forward. :)

And AAAHH I’m surrounded by the most encouraging and supportive people, especially my parents!

The Universe is indeed generous to those who are courageous enough to pursue their Personal Legend.

I continue to trust.
To lean in to to love.
To hope.
I choose to be at peace and to look at the bright side.
To stand back up carrying the lessons along the way.
I choose stay grateful, knowing that everything always unfolds for my highest good.

Love makes me brave.

It’s Love who sustains me. :)

AAAAAH As always,

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