I Manifested Seeing Tony Robbins Live!! Power of Success Toronto 2018


We have days that we dream, and days that we are enabled to live those dreams. And this day was surely a dream come true. Wait, a vision come true! Now that Ive calmed down about the fact that Ive attended Tony’s event live, I can finally write about it!

We were sitting just behind the executive chairs which are a few hundred dollars more expensive. Waking up at 4am to be there two hours before the 7AM registration time was worth it haha! Because of that too, I was able to meet my girl Farah! We were partners for most of the activities, checked out different booths, took each other’s photos and were each other’s biggest cheerleader. I’m so so grateful for that girl. It wouldnt have been the same if it wasnt for her! I felt like I had a best friend for a day, you know? Someone I knew for a long time. I’m glad we were able to share the experience together! If you’re going to one of these events, bring someone with you or make a friend from the beginning! It would be so awkward not having anyone to do the activities with! Haha. But that’s not the point, the experience is made better when shared with someone!

There were different kinds of people (7000 of us!!!!!) from different industries and businesses, of all ages and backgrounds— the fact that I was able to share their energy, and that we had similar mindsets in a way felt liberating. There was no place I would rather be. And I’m glad it lasted for 12 hours! One of my favorite parts (that wasnt Tony haha!) was when Loretta Laroche made us all sing the pizza pie song (That’s Amore) while holding hands. It was one of the happiest moments of my entire life. EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Also, she was so funny! And what a good speaker. Most speakers do their job effectively by walking around the stage with big hand gestures, but Loretta literally stood in a place and told her stories. But she got everyone’s full attention and hearts. I love that woman. Every other speaker had their own topic to talk about, leaving us with what felt like hundreds of pages of notes.

  • Loretta Laroche - Stress Management

  • Jen Sincero - Life Sucess

  • Niurka - Supreme Influence

  • Phil Town - Financial Success

  • Mike Lipkin - Motivation

  • Bob Kittell - Communication Skills

I was most excited for Jen Sincero! Her book, “You Are A Badass At Making Money” has helped alot with my money mindset and that day, I ended up getting a physical copy of “You Are A Badass.” I also really enjoyed Niurka! Some of them gave such great deals on their courses and offers for the event attendees. When I said great deals, I’m talking about $6000 as the original price down to $300 PLUS A FREE GUEST. Why am I not living in Toronto??????

And then time came for Tony!!!! The energy when he showed up on stage.. AHH. I’ll never forget it! And the moments leading up to it, while they were playing a video as his introduction, I was just going crazy. I couldnt believe it was all happening!

I bought the tickets in August. I’m kind of bummed that I didnt plan it at all and ended up staying shorter than I wouldve loved to but looking back now, it was perfect and I wouldnt change a thing.. I’m so grateful I got to see Tony! And what’s even more magical, the picture for the event promo posters is the picture I have of Tony on my vision board. It gives me chills!!!! And I only found out about it once I got the tickets. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how hard I danced that night despite being ill. Haha!

Tony was beyond words. Most of the time he was speaking, he was walking around the venue! I love that he’s so connected to his audience he just attracts the crowd with his energy. He could easily make us laugh, jump, stay quiet, nod, etc. At one point, I went to the washroom, came back to hear him say “If that’s you say ‘aye’, and I literally involuntarily said ‘AYE.’ His influence is just that powerful. He was supposed to speak until 5PM but he stayed until 8. I want to be like that, I want to surpass what people expect of me. And give freely. And focus on adding value to people’s lives. I felt like a different person when I came out. I was so much better and I was committed to my own happiness and was ready to take full responsibility!

I’m so so grateful. This is the best birthday Ive ever had and I’m so proud of myself for investing in the things that I value most and what I believe is worth my money. Im so happy!

My prayer always is this: let me be a manifestation of love. Of kindness. Of grace. Of the abundance surrounding me. May my life be a story that tells others desiring more doesnt always have to come from a place of discontent or greed. And that it is necessary to believe we are destined for so much more and it’s safe for us to set out seeking that Great Perhaps. If we set our minds to it, we can fricking do anything!!!!!!!! 👏🏼


I’m thinking of making a PDF version of my notes from Tony! Let me know if you would love a copy!

Thank you for reading!

As always,

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