Leveraging our Authentic Stories with Kelsey Eigler


Kelsey Eigler helps ambitious introverts tobecome the most empowered and influential version of themselves and start their own businesses from home. I met her during one of my first networking events and she stuck with me because she had THEE most extra and biggest business card. Haha!

In this interview, we talked about storytelling because when I stalked (🤓) her, I found myself reading all the way through her about page and getting overly emotional.

She embraces her story and tells it in a way that captivates and inspires her readers not only to understand where she’s coming from, but to take action and reprogram their own stories as well. (I cant stop asking her why isnt she a copywriter ok!!!!)

I just love the spirit of this girl! I asked her what her vision for her business was and im telling you, this girl has PLANS! When she told me how she sees her venture in the future, I gave examples to make the picture clear in my head.

“oh, so like ___?!”
She shrugged..
“Yes.. but bigger!”

“Oooh. So like Tony Robbins?!”
Shrugged again.
“Hm, yeah, buT BETTER!”

That’s the spirit!

We talked about being introverts and I found it so ironic because the dictionary describes introverts as reserved and shy, but that day, we walked around talking business, coaching, her lovestory, my new life here and our plans. And i cant forget about laughing in between photos and awkward poses.

I watched her talk about her mission and wow, her love for what she does and her passion to help others just radiates and manifests.

It fills me with gratitude how I get to be around people with such positive vibes and inspiring ambition. I feel blessed to be able to take photos of Kelsey and learn about her stories.

Follow her below:

Website: https://www.theambitiousintrovert.com/

Instagram: @theambitiousintrovert

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1. So tell us abit about your story and how it all conspired to bringing you to be in this entrepreneurial one right now.

Well, to be totally honest, my venture into entrepreneurship wasn’t some fairy tail story or inner knowing I had since being a child.

One of my friends who I really looked up to was a heavy equipment operator and making a lot more money than I was, so that’s what I thought I wanted to do! - I was totally under qualified, but walked in there with total confidence and to my surprise, they offered me a job way above my pay grade!  

So, here I was, a young gal getting paid the “big bucks” to push dirt around.

Eventually, though, it got to the point where I was physically and spiritually exhausted. The people, the energy, and of course, the men who did NOT like women being in their industry.

It was tough! I started to get angry, destructive, and just really disconnected. I started to question, “Is this all my life is worth?”.

This, my friends, is the feeling of not listening to your awareness (also known as intuition).

So, in a desperate attempt to find myself again, I took a sporadic trip to Costa Rica!!!

I was supposed to be gone for 3 weeks, but 6 days into my trip got a call that changed everything.

My Dad commit suicide. Pain like this can either hold you back, or propel you forward.

I chose to let it propel me. See, at the time, it was the most traumatic thing a daughter could go through.

But I quickly learned that it was, in a way, the very tragedy that would set me free from construction and into my purpose. Which just so happened to be entrepreneurship.


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2. Tell us about how sharing your authentic story (the good, the bad and everything in between, no matter how “mediocre”) help empower others. I kind of got emotional reading your about page honestly!

Thank you! I think everyone has a personal experience or story that could make you feel emotional.

You know, I heard this quote once that became a mantra in my business: “Your story could be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison”.

Using the story I shared above as an example, I know so many talented, creative people who feel chained to a job, who’s awareness is totally turned off, and who are questioning what the hell their life is even meant for.

So if I can share my story and show them by example that they do have another choice, and that they don’t have to wait for a tragedy to be the catalyst to make a change, then everything I went through was worth it. Because it set someone else free!

See, I truly believe our stories (just like our pain and tragedies), can either be used as leverage to create the life we want and help others create the life they want - OR, or they can be an excuse that keeps us small and ordinary.

It just depends on what you want to choose.

When I chose to use my story as leverage to inspire others, it provided a level of empowerment I would love everyone to experience. Empowerment that doesn’t seem to come from pushing dirt around. Lol  ;)


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3. Why did you choose to focus on helping introverts and what are the common entrepreneurial myths around introvertedness?

Oh my goodness!!! Love this question too.

After losing my Dad and realizing I had to make a change, I felt compelled to share my authentic story and journey on camera.

And people liked it! They liked my story, my quirks, my personality, my passion.

So here I was, an introvert my WHOLE life - I mean seriously, I was so awkward in school and… well, maybe in general.

And like most introverts, I’ve always been deemed “quiet” and “shy” and I’ll admit the word “networking” makes me want to throw myself out of a window…

But I found a channel where I could openly express my self. Like… ME. The real personality of Kelsey that not many people actually got to see in person.

And through this, organically attract people who wanted to pay me a couple thousand to help them achieve what I was achieving.

So here I was… An introvert that went from no one ever really noticing, to influencing people - and I didn’t even have to go anywhere!

Hahaha so I quickly realized, “Hold on a sec… I really stumbled onto something here”.

And it became my passion to share it with other Ambitious Introverts.

See introverts aren’t shy, or even quiet when they have something they’re passionate talking about. Introverts are very eloquent and meticulous with their minds, often very creative, and because of their listening skills and preference to “go deep” in conversation, make incredibly powerful transformational leaders.

And the internet has created an incredibly opportunity that supports our introverted personalities and need for alone time…. WHILE making that impact.

4. What is the first step for rewriting and reprogramming the story we often tell ourselves?

Okay well before making the first step, you must realize you have choice.

So many people become victims to their stories, which clouds the ability to see that maybe life didn’t happen to you, maybe it happened for you.

Maybe the bigger purpose of your pain or trauma or suffering was to make you exactly who you are.

Once you understand that, I think the first step to rewriting and reprogramming it is to acknowledge it’s your freaking super power, and that someone somewhere needs to hear about your experience in a way that will help them become empowered in their experience.

You only need to be a couple steps ahead of someone to be able to help them.

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5. How does one turn what they think is their “flaw”, in this case introvertedness, into their power and leverage it?

The world craves authenticity. Everyone around you is dying to know they aren’t the only ones struggling with (blank). So in this case, introvertedness.

How empowering is it to see someone confidently and openly leverage within them, what you perceived to be a flaw or weakness or a “not good enough” in you?

It creates a trust, you know? Like, “hey, I’m not perfect. I’m a fricken socially awkward introvert, just like you! But, don’t worry, I’m gunna show you exactly how to build an online business that empowers you as an introvert”.

Isn’t that more exciting and inspiring than someone who looks perfect and flawless, but deep down you don’t feel like you can relate or measure up to? That’s not a fun feeling in my opinion!

We are born to follow a leader, so if you can become a leader and leverage the heck out of this “flaw and weakness” you’ll create a loyal following who will trust you so deeply which not only leads to money in your account, but more deeper and profound impact on their lives.

It’s a science, truly.

6. What would you tell the introverts, the socially awkward, the shy people who feel held back because they believe they dont have the right personality to start a business?

I’d help them pull out and acknowledge the personality traits that are highly valuable in business. As mentioned earlier, the most common are: incredible listening skills, naturally creative, meticulous minds, able to create deeper connections both relational and perceptional.

If that didn’t work, i’d send them a huge list of socially awkward million and billionaires and say, “What’s your next excuse? Lay it all on the table, we got work to do!”

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7. One doesnt always find the words confident and introvert together. But how does a ‘confident introvert’ looks like?

Confidence is an effect of competence. Sure, maybe some introverts aren’t super confident in social situations, but when they find something they’re passionate about and they gain the competence in it, that’s where the confidence shines through.

I think it’s also letting go of the story that being an introvert is what held them back in the first place (if that was a story of theirs)

8. What did it look like for you at the beginning? What kind of choices did you have to make? Which habits and beliefs did you have to let go of?

I came outta the gates swinging! I personally had huge momentum very quickly, AND THEN THE GROWING PAINS HAPPENED!! Lol

I had a system that worked - I got my first 2k client, then another, and started really building momentum… And then I honestly got freaked out and flailed!

Not failed, FLAILED.

I started distracting myself with this training and that training, and this guru and that guru…
But that’s all it truly was - a distraction.

So I had to get honest with myself about the distractions and remember to go back to the basics.

I also had to realize that other people’s judgements are none of my damn business.

The people who criticise you are likely the people who aren’t creating anything.
That was a big one for me.

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9. Tell us about how hiring a coach (as a coach yourself) helped you and how it could help others too!

Hiring a coach is NECESSARY - They are able to ask probing questions and provide their experience and knowledge that’ll cut your growth period in half!

See, starting a business is easy - Maintaining momentum, holding yourself accountable, and strategizing alone? That’s tough, and it gets lonely QUICK.

I think it’s very irresponsible to start a business, especially in coaching, if you aren’t willing to invest in one yourself.

10. What are the new habits, routines and belief systems have you set up for yourself now?

- Absolutely NO phone in the bedroom - this. was. life. Changing
- Wait 30 min after waking up to even touch the phone
- Live in QUESTION rather than conclusion (Conclusion closes off possibilities, whereas question creates possibility)
- Following my awareness, even if it means letting people down or receiving judgement.  
- Investing in personal development FREQUENTLY!


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As always,

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