My First Big Girl Purchase!


Friends!!!! I just bought myself a new lens! *cue Ne-Yo's Miss Independent*

Not only is it such a dreamy glass (I mean, it's the 24-70mm!!), it also symbolizes so many things for me, both endings and beginnings. Right now Im just overflowing with gratitude and joy.

The past month and a half has been a stretch for me. It's been such a learning experience about myself, others and my ever loving Universe who has always got my back.

Ive known life to be comfortable. They say that life is found outside of your comfort zone. Maybe that’s not always true, at least for me. But you know what I discovered? Growth sure is found out of our cozy, when mommy's not around. 

Im just asking, how could the universe be THIS good? It gave me the courage and understanding that I asked for in such an eccentric way and not only that, now it is rewarding me for being such a brave little girl!

It feels so damn good to pay for my own things and have my own money. I have been working on my money mindset so hard and Im being careful with how I approach it now. I didnt grew up with a money-positive environment so now I try my best to normalize it and learn it and befriend it.

I want a good relationship with money. And I promised myself, from now on, I will always have it. And “scared money don’t make money” so I go on and invest in myself and the future that I want to cultivate.

I also realised that people will try to interfere or have an opinion as to how you should spend your money. Im trying to understand that it’s how they were programmed and they dont mean it with bad intentions. I just move forward as I make my own spreadsheet of expenditures and income LOL Im reading financial books okay! And making myself familiar with money terms as early as possible and Ive been doing the exercises. I also make sure that I spend and manage my money like I would if God is to trust me with bigger amount. For example, Ive said again and again that 10% of my money will always be shared and for tithing. I know that this isnt all for me. That God is only using me as a channel of His blessing. I'm blessed to be a blessing, that's the mindset.

Id like to think that this part of my life is a college course and now I’m done with finals, Ive learnt a lot, got the results of my exam already. The lessons to be learnt has been learnt and Ive made friends and created memories and now Im just waiting for the classes to officially end without worrying about anything anymore.

One thing I kept saying, I realised, is that I want a different story for myself.

The expectations of others, their limits, their truths- in NO way do they have to be mine too.

I do not have to fit into certain stereotypes of what a Filipino woman does, what an immigrant should and could be and how much a 19 year old girl [who quit college 3 semesters early] could know. This girl just wanna keep challenging the status quo, you know. I want a different story to tell and I want a life that’s both fulfilling and rewarding. My parents have worked around the clock and I regard it with utmost respect and gratitude, both because theyve provided our needs and more and also because they have shown me what I dont want.

I also  found that people are always converting. Their heart is still in a place their body isnt anymore. But as for me, I want to build my life and my future here. It gives me more opportunity to give, to contribute, to serve using what I love where people see the value in what I do and I get to receive the right regard and compensation for it.

Ah, life just keeps reminding me of the younger me and how much she didnt know and how much she's yet to be, do and have. And I, too. Someday I would look back and would want to say it will all fall into place at the divine timing. I just have to trust it. 

I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank you.


But anyway, do you guys want me to talk technicals? Like, why I chose this lens except from the fact that it's what most wedding photographers use? 

I rented it out at Vistek and tested it for a few days to see if it's THE ONE, and gosh, it swept me off my feet! It IS heavy, for sure, weighing over a kilogram. I have a better idea.. I'll list the pros and cons!


  • The zoom range! 24mm-70mm will let me cover almost any type of shoot, from events down to portraits. Ive been keen to using prime lenses before and as much as I love them, there were times when I felt restricted.

  • The wide aperture!!! Im squealing! I mean, Ive used 1.8 and 1.4 f stops before but since transferring to Canon, I couldnt use my Nikon lens with it so I was stuck with a kit lens for quite a while. Although I'm not complaining! I always say it's not about the equipment because it feels like telling a chef he has a good spatula but you know, sometimes you just outgrow things and if you want to level up, which this girl does, you gotta upgrade! 2.8 here I come!

  • IT IS STINKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Sigma has won my heart with their style! You guys know I'm all about the classic and simple. I can't stop looking at it. I'm like a mother obsessed with her newborn. The silver accents!!!

  • It is glass! The built is so good and it feels more legit in my hands unlike previous plastic nifty-fifty's (the 50mm 1.8) good ergonomics, too!

  • It is $500 cheaper than Canon's and it has almost the same features! (if not more, since it has image stabilization which canon doesnt have. Although this topic will be discussed again in the cons section, oops) But yea! I think it's a good price and it's so worth the money!

  • It came with a cute little lens bag in black. Although I probably wouldnt use it that often because it'll basically be glued to my body. I meant camera body. Ok.


  • IT. IS. HEAVY. 1020 grams! It's heavier than Canon's and Tamron's. And a full day shoot felt like an arm day session at the gym. It also made it hard for me to handheld film because it is harder to stay still. Not to mention it's hard to turn the focus ring because you'll probably need both hands to hold it. But with tripod or stabilizer, it's all good!

  • The Optical Stabilization or OS, which is supposed to detect and stabilize small camera movements while filming isnt so good. It's also one of the things why people opted for the Tamron!

  • Um, the focus ring is so close to the zoom ring. The lens is overall pretty but I wish they put space between the two haha! Love it nonetheless though.

I'm a big nerd when it comes to researching when we're about to make big purchases (or just to attract and manifest it. That works for me too haha!) In the morning before I purchased it, I went on youtube again and watched comparisons and saw that Tamron was winning in comparison to it. And so I actually considered. But when we got to the store and I got to hold both, the Sigma felt more like me.. And I knew I would enjoy it more. When I got home that day, I knew I wouldnt be as happier if I went with what the 'reviewers' said and bought the Tamron. My Sigma Art lens has my whole heart.


Thank you for reading and letting me be excited and nerdy about it and celebrating with me and for putting up with my run-on sentences that most likely need proofreading and for being such lovely lovely human beings.

As always,

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