Nature Doesnt Rush Yet Everything Is Still Accomplished.


Yesterday, I spent the day walking around downtown Calgary after a morning meeting. At one point we passed by the river who has captivated me to stop. The current was was heavy and moving waters always make me want to stop and just watch. And I always wondered what was it that make me just stop, but I realised that 

The river, going wild and full of life, was speaking to me. It was saying, “hey silly, watch this! I’m enjoying splashing and dancing making waves!” It wasnt thinking about getting to the ocean quick. It was enjoying the process, knowing it will get to its destination inevitably, no matter which way it take or how many detours there could be, the river always gets to the ocean. It was like telling me everything has a purpose, and as long as its moving, it is fulfilling its own. And you know what’s beautiful? There was this group of friends on a boat enjoying the waves too. And it got me thinking, if we fulfill our purpose, we get to bring joy to others too and be a blessing, just as the river has been to them.

There’s this quote by Lao Tzu, “Nature doesnt rush yet everything is still accomplished.” It was yesterday’s mantra. So many times, we’re so bombarded with message of hustle here, hustle there and using “busy” as a badge of honour.  But the sun rises and the sun sets and this time I want to allow myself to stay still like a mountain standing tall, just watching it all unfold, not trying to control anything, or tell the sun when and where it should go. 

I came to Calgary to let myself rest and breathe and I was so afraid to leave it all, to press pause but everything inside me told me to just trust what my instinct says. 

If it’s meant for you, it will never pass you. It doesnt have to be hard. When you’re in alignment, everything flows to you smoothly. Instead of “achieve” or “earn”, it becomes “allow.”

And now, I’m sitting at a coffeeshop writing this after my morning meeting with a woman I met the other day. I can’t contain my gratitude because I was afraid that everything will stop the moment I do. I held the belief that sleeping 4 hours every night was the way to go. But the moment I said “enough, i’ll put myself on top of everything. I’ll fill myself up first before I give to others.” The universe still didnt fail to show up, to meet me halfway.

The emails still kept coming, i finished projects with grace, and the best thing is the right people found me. The world didnt shut its door on my face, after all.

It made me realise just how much what I want desires me too. And it’s okay to slow down, it’s okay to take your time in your process, to take a detour in your journey even if the world tells you to go, go, go. You have enough time and as long as your heart’s in it, too, you will never fall short. I promise 💛

When i started to choose alignment, the universe gave me people who are in it for the heart and the passion and living their values. 

I love life so much. How it can be so giving when you give to yourself, how it can be so patient and loving and abounding with grace and provision. 

With that said, I go back to Edmonton today! As much as I’ll miss my morning decaf cappuccino with whipped cream and blowing bubbles for Koa, I’m excited to be home.

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