Postcards from Banff | Travel Video


Sorry if this is too random but I’m here in this beautiful place and it made me think of you.

I would call you right now but I intentionally left my phone at home so I could breathe and think. It feels like Ive been away too long and I miss this so much. I just want to go back to myself, if you will. Deeper within.

Let me also note that this “revolutionary” act of leaving my phone at home and being silent, reflecting and all, have been influenced greatly by Eat Pray Love. Suits the fact that Im travelling. A big part of me always has a lot to do with the last book Ive read.

How are you? The past few months for me have been a season of growth and new experiences. Things have happened, many of which I tried to resist at first. You know, my control freak tendencies acting up again. But soon I found that it was up to no avail. Days passed and I started to understand. I felt my grip began to loosen and started to embrace it.

Sometimes we find happiness in places and situations we never could have imagined we would. But that’s the beauty of it. Every moment, no matter how seemingly small, adds up to a greater narrative that we’re writing. Im such a sucker for stories. And Im grateful for the one I get to tell.

It’s true, the biggest breakthroughs come just after what seems like a downfall. It’s like the universe is saying, "you just passed the final test. Done being a caterpillar. Youre ready to fly now." I mean, I know I’m going to stumble, but you know what? I’m not afraid now. If anything, I feel confident because I know I will always be supported.

I look ahead because I know that defeat will always be temporary. I’m going to act as though my success is inevitable and live as though everything is a blessing. That will be my life.

Right now, Im spending time with family, just soaking it all in. Learning my heart again and how to be honest with myself and accept that pain is a crucial part of the process I can’t keep on avoiding, or delaying. The only way to move forward is to walk through it.

So yeah. That’s where Im at right now. Wherever you are, I hope youre at peace. And happy. However that looks like for you.

I'll see you soon.


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