Spirituality & Style in Entrepreneurship with Stephanie Hassein

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Stephanie is an image consultant and intuitive business coach. And, she's an amazing painter! Typing those feels so wrong because while we were talking that day in a coffee shop downtown, I was constantly wondering, how could written words ever do THIS justice? How could a feature do her justice? I constantly wished I could film or that I recorded an audio because she was just so much MORE! (I actually thought of starting a podcast just because of her hA!)

Stephanie was just beaming with so much light, wisdom and beauty. We laughed a lot and learned from each other. Was more encouraged than ever and she made me realize how powerful conversations can just be. So many times Ive had to stop to let it all sink in and it was the kind of conversation I wish I had more often (even though I felt that the guy on the table next to us was a bit weirded out by all the woowoo we were talking about! LOL). It felt like I could listen to her talk for hours and there was so much within here and she laid down her layers as she spoke.

Do you ever just feel like youve met a soul sister? It's so nice to talk about Spiritual Downloads™ and Spirit Guides™ and not feel like youre freaking someone else out. I also learned a lot from her. She has amazing intuition! And at some point, our conversation turned personal and shared things we normally wouldnt.

Gosh, I love this girl and her energy a lot. 

Here, read my interview with her and have some for yourself! :)

You do your coaching from the Akashic Records which is a new term for me and maybe for many others.  Can you tell us about it and how you work with it?

Simply put, the idea of the Akashic Records is that your souls information is stored there, and that's what I access when I coach.  I don't need to access this to do a session and to read a person, but I love working with it because it always knocks my ego out and it's about relaying the messages that are meant for you at that moment and time, and relaying them in a way that speaks to you, simple as that.  It's very powerful.  

How did you figure out what kind of services you want to serve with?  Image consulting and soul sessions are different things but you seem to have a smooth flow between the two!

Yes, they are both very different services at first glance, but once you dive into it, you realize they have lots of underlying similarities.  It's like one is watercolor, and the other is acrylic... two very different mediums, yet they both create beautiful paintings.  

Honestly, I didn't choose the services I offer at first, I was led in that direction.  As my business grew and as I grew in my own personal development, things shifted and before I knew it, my intuitive coaching sessions were deeply anchored in what I do and who I am.  As for the image consulting, I had gotten the clear message from my own guides that I was to start offering it.  At first I refused and resisted, but within a year, things shifted and it was put on my path anyways.  But don't get me wrong, I love what I do so much, that while I may not have initially and consciously chosen what I do, I do choose to continue to do it because it feels so right to me and I absolutely adore helping people in this particular way.  And I will continue to offer it as long as it keeps feeling right and comes from my heart.   

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With your image consulting services, what have you learned to be the importance of style elevation and being authentic to who you are when it comes to presenting yourself as a business?

How you present yourself is so much more than just about physical appearance.  It's also about how you come across.  You could be really great at what you do, yet not feel great about yourself and how you dress.  People will pick up on that, they'll sense a lack of confidence or self-esteem that is maybe a personal thing to you, yet will reflect professionally for them.  How you present yourself and the energy you give off does matter when you're an entrepreneur, it will affect your business one way or another.  So why not learn how to use it to your advantage and make it positive?!

How would elevating one's self image help elevate their lives or career?

Dressing your truth and being authentic to who you are and what your business is, has a much bigger impact than we think!  People really resonate with authenticity.  It has an energy that's very attractive.  So when  you dress in a way that shows who you truly are and where you are going with your business, it not only allows you to feel great because you are being true to yourself, but it tends to attract more clients as well.  In the end, if you feel great about yourself in all aspects, people will feel it and be drawn to that. 

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Walk us through your journey!  Have you always been an entrepreneur?

Not at all.  For the most part of my adult life, I was a stay at home mom.  I had attempted to have a few businesses in the past, but looking back, they were merely a hobby with a business name attached to them.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing back then.  I'm still learning a lot about running a business, but this time has been different from the beginning.  I started out with an online shop that became profitable immediately, and everything else grew from there.  Today I no longer have the online shop. My passion lies in helping people, so that's what I prefer to focus my time and energy on.

Do you have rituals to keep yourself grounded and aligned?

I do!  I don't have any specific ritual that I follow as it varies. But basically,  I check in with myself pretty much daily to see "where I'm at" and "what do I need".  Some days, I may feel like I need to take a salt bath, meditate, use essential oils, or crystals, and other times it can be as simple as having a good conversation with those in my life who are my "rock" and keep me grounded.  But I would say that my latest ritual (and one of my favorites at the moment)  is going to the gym.  It's weird for me to say because I've never been a gym person.  I love doing group sports, or yoga even, but lifting weights and running on a treadmill seemed like torture to me until recently.  I no longer see it as torture, but see it as a way to show myself some self-love.  I typically spend a lot of time in my head, getting insights, analyzing, thinking, etc...  And the gym clears that.  Forces me to be in the moment.  I think about nothing except the movements I'm doing, how my muscles are feeling, and in the end, it raises my vibration and allows me to feel amazing for the rest of the day.

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What are your opinions on having our own personal power to create our destiny?  It is a recurring theme on your blog posts.

I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction and that we do create our destiny/life/reality.  I've discovered this years ago, and my own experiences (and seeing other's experiences as well) has proved to me that it's true.  I wish more people understood just how much we can create in our lives. 

Your creed is so beautiful!  One of my favorite lines would be "I will no longer apologize for my light, for I understand that it's not only who I am, but it's my purpose, my duty to shine."  Tell us more about it?

When I was little, I remember being silly and a little sassy, I didn't have a care in the world about holding back and dimming my light.  At some point, I became too loud, too funny, too this and too that for people. Like a lot of other people out there, I felt the need to hold back in order to make other's more comfortable.  I spent the last few years working really hard on myself, trying to break free from that.  I did succeed for the most part in being true to myself, but there was still a little part of me that just could still not fully let go of the fears. 

I finally worked with a coach and she asked me why I was holding back still...  

I ended up saying "I feel that I already shine so much, what gives me the right to shine more?"  

Her answer was the best " What gives you the right not to?"  

It was an instant ah-ha moment for me.  

Shortly after that, I was inspired to write my creed.  To be honest, I didn't even know what a creed was.  I was in a meditative state and started writing.  It came from such a deep place and the words just poured out of me.  When I was done, I knew what I wrote was very profound and that I needed to share it with others, which is why I put it up on my site.  It's my own truth, but I hope it inspires others too. 

What's your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

I would have to say my favorite thing is freedom, in all it's glorious ways.  Freedom of time (to do what what else matters to me in life and get to spend time with my family and friends when I choose to do so, not when I can squeeze it in), creative freedom (to create what I want through my business, aka do things I'm passionate about), personal freedom (to BE who I am.  Basically, I don't do well with being imposed limits.  And I find that standard jobs come with too many limits, and it feels restricting.  To me personally, it tends to feel like an elephant is stepping on my chest and I can't breathe.  I can handle it in small doses, but ultimately, it feels like it's crushing my soul.  Being an entrepreneur allows me to create my entire reality.  Not just create parts of my life, but ALL of it.  How does it get any better than this?! 

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