We’re All On The Same Boat Together | Notes from The Ace Class x Helcim Founders Series vol. 1


Instead of writing on my journal tonight, I thought Id blog about attending this event! I recently gave my website a facelift and so I really am so inspired to create new content for it!

I literally bought the ticket an hour before the event! I didnt have plans to go but earlier today I saw one of their posts and got the urge to just go for it! I still was working on photos so I set myself a deadline. At the end I found myself panicking because it would take me another hour to get to the venue! But I MADE IT!

I tried to get my cousin to come with me but (1) he had exams the next day and (2) he’s just not interested haha! He tried to bribe me to just go for a movie.. Um. HAHHA! My aunt and cousin asked me why I like going to these kinds of events and spending my money on things I could get on youtube or a podcast.

But you see, it is so different when you’re actually surrounded by this kind of energy, people, conversations, stories as compared to when youre just watching on youtube or hearing someone tell their story on a podcast interview. I crave their energy.

I promised myself I’m going to make more effort to surround myself with winners, to surround myself with people who are not just in the bleachers of life, but those who are in the game.

Founders Calgary is a 6 month series co-imagined by Helcim and The Ace Class! This month they talked about Start-Up stories— the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and how you can’t have one without the other. The event was held at Work Nicer! It was the first actual co-working space Ive been to and I could tell that having an office in one would be such a game changer!

Here are the topic for the next ones!

Monday, November 26th - Building an A Team
Monday, December 10th - Financing your Business 
Monday, January 14th - Marketing + Social Good 
Monday, February 11th - Technology 
Monday, March 11th - Get it INK'd*

The speakers today were:

Angel from Market Collective - She talked a lot about shining your light on to others and making it about them instead of you. And maybe that has to do with the kind of business that she has, but I do believe it is true. I cant wait to go attend one of their events in the future :)

Graham Sherman from Tool Shed Brewery - The only man from the group! He is such a good good speaker and storyteller! I thought he should be interviewed in podcasts!

Neige and Pippa of Routine Deodorant -People have told them again and again not to do business with family- but they wouldnt have done it any other way. These girls inspire me so much!! Also, I love the packaging and it smells so good? I’m taking a break from my usual deo and switching to these because they gave out samples!

Mandy (ACE Founder) and Alex (Work Nicer Founder) also welcomed us and talked about their tattoos aka battle scars. Alex has a tattoo on his arm that says “The Process” while Mandy has an arrow tattoo as a metaphor for when she closed her previous business to remind her that you must be stretched backwards first before you can be launched further.

And then Nic from Helcim hosted the interview! My favorite part was when he asked the panel what was their biggest sacrifice building the business. He started off by saying that his biggest one was video games.. Haha!


Two months ago, I found out about Nic from a friend working for him. He talked about his job and his boss like o one talks about their day-job. I got soo curious and have been watching their vlogs ever since. I started becoming a fan because I could tell how great of a person Nic is and I admired his values and the way he uses it to build their company culture. I told myself Im going to meet him! Now whether that’s by sending a resume hoping for an interview, calling up his office to schedule coffee.. I promised myself Im gonna meet him in one way or another!

I was so anxious to go up and say hi to him! I said hi by the end once all the speakers have said something about “JUST DO IT.” and I asked myself “Would you rather go home crying because you were a coward and didnt take the chance OR go up to him and be happy and proud that you did?!”

And I did! He was probably confused because of my squealing and fangirling. I asked him about book recommendations and his Helcim stories and it’s so so cool meeting someone you look up to.

You know, I almost didnt go to this event. And believe, I had reasons not to. But then, as I learned from my Tony Robbins event, I started changing the questions. What would the best version of myself do? What would THE Nicole Constante do? And it was easy deciding once I asked myself that question. She DEFINITELY would go. No matter the odds. And so I did.

Also, another factor as to how I got myself to go is the trailer video they did! Mandy, founder of the Ace Class, said “There’s a lot of people that say they want to do something, and then only some who will actually go do it.” I wanted to be part of the latter.


I sat, obviously, first row. Am I becoming THAT classmate? I really wanted to meet Nic haha and also, to be able to actually focus! And then someone took the seat beside me- Jess of Jess And Robb Music! She has a band with her boyfriend and is planning to do more vocal coaching on her own. We talked about our favorite boss babe moments as well as our startup stories! We both brought pens and notebooks and were religiously taking notes as the panelists told theirs.


Here are the notes I took, some Ive paraphrased because theyre were speaking faster than I could write haha! But wow, reading this now, I realised I wouldve heard the same thing from other entrepreneurs that I look up to and it just proves that no matter how different our paths may be, we’re all on the same journey together. And it is indeed part of the process. I love this game of life so much.

  • Start from the beginning with certainty.

  • We werent sales people. We were just realy passionate about something.

  • If you love it, other people will as well.

  • Let’s make every decision on the concept of total success.

  • We’re trying to accomplish something bigger than ourselves.


  • Everything from day one has been about my family. They don’t listen to what I say, they watch what I do.

  • What am I actually doing this for? Is it about me trying to be somebody in the city?

  • (when asked the biggest personal sacrifice) I was not present for the reason I started the business for..

  • You have to consistently show up. I would always be almost successful and then it would scare me and then Id stop. She held me accountable.

  • You wouldnt cut down from this beautiful tree that youve grown from seed.

  • We made a promise that we’re not gonna do it once it stops being fun. Yes, it is hard. But is it still overall fun?

  • Ive always known I was gonna do something but I just couldnt find my way around what Im not good at. (and then he continued to talk about how his partner complements his weaknesses and that theyre a “perfect storm”)

  • Instill something that stands out. It changes the way everybody after you is doing it.

  • Be able to make decisions quick. It doesnt have to be the right decision. You have to make a decision quickly to know if you were right or wrong and then go on to the next thing.

  • Go out there and do it!!if I knew what I know now.. if I knew more about marketing, strategy, design, it wouldnt have turned out this way. Lack of knowledge was beneficial in having people feel like they were part of it.

  • Youre never gonna be ready. You have to put it out there half baked! And then have the community bake it for you.

  • The community baked that idea and made that happen.

  • Delegate but still be able to clean the floors if that’s what you need to do.

  • Dont get focused on doing everything that youre not doing a few things well.

  • You cant delegate your vision. Learn your business from the ground up.

  • Learn every employee position so you can help them.


  • Ive made bad decisions but I dont declare them bad because Ive learnt a lot.

  • We learned and figured everything out along the way.

  • #1 trait every entrepreneur should have: perseverance.

  • Do it. Fail. Do it again. Just do it and something will work sooner or later.

  • We’re all on the same boat together. We’re on a ladder and then there’s me, looking up to other people that go before me, and then I realised that there are other people behind me looking up.

    You see, these stories fill me up. Stories are what Im here for and I really really do hope one day Id get to tell this story Im writing now. I may or may not have imagined myself to be sitting there with the other girls telling my story too!

    And when it gets downhill, I just remind myself it’s part of the story I’m writing. Then it’s a beautiful thing again. And I start seeing the situation as what it really is no matter what, a blessing.


Let’s do great things. And give ourselves more chances, by taking on more chances.

And as always,

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