The Only All-Poetry Bookstore in Canada | Knife Fork Book, Toronto


Knife | Fork | Book is the ONLY all-poetry bookshop in Canada. It is a hidden gem. I was just looking through cupcakes at this vegan bakeshop (Kensington has at least 5 of them ahh) and a door next to it had a legal sized paper attached to it with the KFB logo. I went up the stairs and was welcomed to a paradise. The most beautiful studio ove ever seen! And there Jeff Kirby was sitting on his desk by the window that allowed the most beautiful natural light.

Meeting him felt natural. Our energies just seemed to familiarise with each other and I was all smiles. I love this man, and how he entitles his book “This is where I get off.” and colors them pink.

For a moment I considered going through my old journals and compiling my poems about boys and teenage angst. Haha! Jeff was so encouraging and so heartwarming to be around!

I stayed longer than I thought I would and asked a bunch of questions, like my nosy butt always does. “Why ‘The Dark Studio?” “Why ‘Knife | Fork | Book’?” “How long have you been writing?” “How are these organized? Is there a system?” He used to be a librarian. So naturally it did.

While going through the books on the shelf, I imagined having one of mine up there. I wondered what would be its title.. I was pretty sure the cover is going to be beige, and the font will be serif. It’ll have my messy doodles, or maybe actual scanned copies of the receipts on my journals. When I describe it, it feels more real. It feels closer. It’s so nice to dream, and it would be nicer to have it actualised.


I asked (or begged) him to let me take pictures of him and the studio. I was a kid in a candy store. And of course I knew I wouldnt be leaving empty handed. The poetry ho in me was just living her best life that moment. And then I heard, “You know what, forget about the debit. You can just email me copies of the pictures.” AAHHHH! And he signed the book to my name. He was so sweet!

Later that day, we stumbled upon each other again down at Kensington and he enthusiastically shown me a picture of the next book they are going to launch. “Isnt it pretty?!” It was :)

Toronto is so soo lucky. KFB looks like something I wouldve loved to be part of. I couldnt stay that night for their book launch because I have made prior plans to meet someone but I know I’ll come back to this place soon. They have readings, workshops, classes etc and looking through their pictures, the community seems so lovely! And you get to be a member $10 for the whole year! YAS. KFB did a great job at convincing me to be a Toronto girl than my cab driver.. Also, don’t forget to remove your shoes upon entrance! This is definitely a must-do when visiting Toronto.

I havent written poetry in a while. I cant seem to find the right rhythm or piece together words that gave justice to what I feel. There’s a quote, “She lives the poetry she couldnt write.” and ahh, life has been feeling like poetry. The good kind. The kind of poetry whose words make you hopeful and fill you with bliss. The kind that makes you wat to squeeze the book to your face because the poem cant feel close enough. The kind that leaves you warm, and dancing.

244 Augusta Avenue
2nd Floor at The Dark Side Studio
Kensington Market, Toronto

Toronto has spoiled this girl lots. I have so much more stories! Thank you for reading.

And as always,

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