The Sunday Edit | Vol. 1

The Sunday Edit

Happy Sunday! I start my week on Mondays so Sunday usually means self-reflection, catching up on tasks, backlogs and taking time to recharge after a long week. Most of it is also spent being with family and going to church.

But today here on the blog, we're doing something quite the opposite. The Sunday Edit is a little collection of tips, favorites, and prompts that will help us get started for the coming week. Im subscribed to LifeGoalsMag's weekly newsletter and I love the format of their emails so I thought Id do something similar over here on the blog. Let's see how this one goes!


This Week's Affirmation: 


I am responsible for doing the work in my healing. I am my own validation. I am abundantly full of all that I need.

- Alex Elle



Question for Reflection:

"How can I show up for myself in a way that will enable me to do the same for others?"

Asking ourselves this question reminds us that taking time for self care is never selfish. If anything, it is what allows us to be able to be there for others when they need us. And because we've given ourselves what we need, that responsibility is lifted from the shoulders of others and we can just show up for them without conditions, without expecting anything in return. 

So take some time to show up for yourself first, however that looks like for you.


This Week's Favorite:

I recently got myself into drinking lemon water and Ive never been seen without one ever since. It is very easy to make, filled with vitamin C, adds up flavor and not only that, it helps keeps the skin glowing! Who doesnt like being hydrated and at the same time glow up? That and there's the obvious boost in your energy and mood. All just because you chopped some lemons and popped them in your water bottle. Winning! 

P.S. Try drinking in with a straw, just because we're extra.


This Week's Productivity Tip:

free to do list.jpg

Organizing your to-do list! Ive been making to-do list since I can remember and one thing that I learned over the years is the importance of creating subsections for important and urgent tasks, events or meetings I need to tend to both online and in person (including classes), and just general tasks that needs to get done throughout the day. Organizing makes it easier for us to prioritize and tend to whats important first.

The Daily Planner is a new addition to the Get It Girl Collective. You can download it for FREE and start organizing your to-do list! 

Which sections would you like to see on the next ones? I was thinking of doing something like The Sunday Currently but I thought this would be of more value to you than knowing what Im wearing or currently smelling. Haha! 

By the way, Ive started a Book Club Series on my Instagram Stories! We're reading "The 1% Solution by Eamonn Percy" wherein I discuss one habit everyday. It's not your usual healthy/productive habits like drinking more water or taking a walk outside everyday either. It encompasses success mindset and lifestyle! On Habit 8 now, 92 more to go! (Wow writing that just made me realise how much more. Haha! But we got this!) Check my highlights for more!

I hope you have an awesome week ahead and as always,

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