The Sunday Edit | vol. 3


This week's affirmations:

I am good enough. I have the light within me to step into my power and unlesh the worthy woman I desire to be. - @herdivinewealth


Question for Reflection:

"Which wolf am I feeding today? 

There's an old tale about the two wolves inside us. One wolf represents our anger, resentment, frustration, pity, jealousy and every evil human tendency. The other wolf represents love, serenity, joy, kindness, hope- all the goodness we have the ability to possess. They are always in a battle inside of us but here's the thing, the winner will depend on us. It is up to us who we will allow to win. 

The good wolf wants to win, it wants us to succeed and become the best version of ourselves. But we have to help it. We have to make the conscious decision to choose it over our negative tendencies every moment. Turn to to gratefulness when frustration arises. Be so filled with love theres no room for fear.

Theyre always in a battle. Who are you going to allow to win?

Favorite Resources/Tools:

The Goal Digger Podcast is my current (and all time!) favorite podcast. There's something about the way Jenna teaches and tells stories that captivates me and never fails to inspire me. She recently just turned 30 and how pathetic it is to comment "Happy birthday, Jenna! You're my bestfriend." Haha! But she really feels like my best friend sometimes. 

Her podcast is a source of digital marketing and content strategy tips for creative entrepreneurs and I love how she gives ACTIONABLE tips that come with worksheets! It's really a workshop style kind of education.

Productivity Tip:

Dont overplan it, you dont have to have every puzzle piece in place and be so consumed by the details before you get it done! Like what gary vaynerchuk said, "People arent starting. Theyre not making. Theyre thinking pondering strategizing debating." Use whats already infront of you. Use the information that you have. Start even if you think youre not good enough, let the world see you grow. 

For example you want to start a blog or a youtube channel, dont be so consumed about having your own domain or getting the user interface perfect, just create content and soon youll be able to work around everything else!

It builds progress and creates momentum because you are continuously doing and making decisions, no matter how small. You are moving forward instead of being stuck up waiting for perfect. 


As always,

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