The Sunday Edit | Vol. 4

The Sunday Edit 4

This is my last Sunday as a teenager. What. I'm down to my last few days before I turn twenty! Now I dont wanna talk about how I feel about it because to be honest I have no idea. It still hasnt processed completely. Im not even sure if it has started processing at all! Haha!

I do wanna talk about a few things. Like, how full this week has been. I just got back from Calgary on Thursday night after staying there for a while. This time, I didnt get to do much exploring and the one time I was out, I spent 80% of it inside a coffee shop. Cant complain! Haha. I did have fun playing with Koa, as always. And my mentor introduced me to her friend and it was such a sweet meeting! I kind of got confused with the train system, but thank God for strangers haha! My cousin has been so sweet too. Made me feel like a princess when he took the long way to tour me around downtown (he knows how much I LOVE IT) and kept on asking if I really wanted to go home. Haha!

I did have to. The next morning, I was preparing for a shoot with my friend Glenny and I met Myrhalyn finally! I’m gonna write about it on a separate post, including how cute Cacao 70 is! I had the best time with them and let’s just say once I got home, I filled my notebook with new ideas. I’m so grateful for those two.

And I’m writing this at 2am. I just figured I could put up a Sunday post while I let my files from tonight’s shoot backup completely. This has been a full week. And it ended on such a SUPER CUTE note. Wilfred’s is such a nice cafe. Although when we got there it’s more of a bar haha! Not really for working. But then again, it was an hour before they closed and it’s a Saturday. Hm. Do I wanna check it out again? They dont have hot chocolate! What do you think?

There are so many things I want to be working on. My editing pile keeps on building up. And Im realising more and more that if I dont allot time for something (especially my own passion project), other things will fill up my calendar.

This week is gonna be super full (of blessings!!!!!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN AHAHHAA) and instead of being overwhelmed, I choose to lean in to gratitude. I’M SUPER PUMPED TO SEE TONY ROBBINS IN A FEW DAYS!

I’m really happy. It’s so surreal. I journaled already and still I had so much to say. LOL. But there’s that. I’m really happy. And that’s not only because I got a new printer this morning. Although that’s one of the reasons. Haha!

This week’s affirmation:

I believe in myself 100% and I can achieve the lifestyle I desire.

I believe in myself 100% and I can achieve the lifestyle I desire.

I believe in myself 100% and I can achieve the lifestyle I desire.

Question for reflection:

What do I need more of in my life?

I love this question because it is so easy to be tricked into thinking that “more” pertains to material things. But when I first read this, what came to my head werent tangible. I need more self control and discipline. I need more gratitude (can never have enough of it!). I need more people who want to see me grow and who I can do the same for. I need more patience. I need more kindness. I need more of God in my life.

This week’s favorite:

I like too many things. I’m currently reading The Charisma Myth and The Power of Kindness. And my new printer is so schmexy. And I like wearing heels so much the past few weeks. But most of all, I invested on a moleskin notebook and dude, Ive never written so much in such a short period of days. I mean, I write alot. But now? I write ALOT. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and I’m already halfway. I love Moleskin. I’m such a nerd but I love Moleskin. Sponsor me plz.

Productivity tip:

After hitting publish on this post, I’m gonna go braindump my way into my journal. I currently dont do the bullet journaling system and I am functioning on an endless to-do list on my actual journal. And as long as it works, I’ll be good. Haha! I do this almost every night, just writing everything I have in my head down. And I love how my “ideas” get written beside my to-do list and so I actually work on them.

Braindump, braindump, braindump. More messy mindmaps and notes and bullet points and bubble speeches. What gets written down, gets done. Oki?

As always,

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