What I Wore as a Photographer + my First Wedding Experience!

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You guys know what I meant when I said "first wedding," right? Haha! 

There are many things that may stress you when youre preparing for your first event, like what kind of poses you want the couple to do, the weather and the indoor lighting, "do I have everything I need with me or am I overpacking?", etc. But the last thing I thought Id worry about was.. what am I supposed to wear?! 

I tried on dresses, jumpsuits and more. The theme for me was, "classy (or maybe I meant classic, hmm.) and comfy! I got obsessed over a dress but I realised Id have to get certain angles that would require me to sit on the floor. And the jumpsuit was too formal. I wasnt sure if I wanted to blend in or be invisible haha!

In the end I got these blazers and paired it with black pants and I was so happy about it! Gave me the girl boss feel woops! I got these photos wearing a shirt earlier but I changed to a more formal top before getting to the event.

For the shoes, I had to let go of the black boots and went with flats. There was a lot of walking and running around, the boots wouldve hurt my and also would make a lot of noise on the studio floor haha! Dont want too much attention! Also, my equipment was almost two kilos so I really wanted to be comfortable for a full day event!

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So.. Storytime!

We got to the small town of Vegreville and made a stop first at the largest spinning easter egg known as the Pysanka and sat under its shade while eating some packed muffins initially meant for the road.

At the moment I was trying my hardest to relish everything in but couldnt focus because of the adrenaline. Not sure whether it was sugar rush or because I was watching my dreams slowly unfolding before me and it was nice that I'm somewhere I wanted to be.

I remember a few years back, my mom walked in on me gushing over wedding videos. "Youre too young for those. Youre still my baby!" and I just laughed at her and told her I was watching because someday I would love to be a wedding photographer and filmmaker.

My dreams are ever changing and although weddings arent really my focus right now, I was more than grateful for the experience. And if I'm really honest with myself, I wanna do more weddings. 

Ive met several photographers and most of them do weddings. However, when I have the unlikely chance of meeting non-wedding photographers, they all told me how they avoid weddings as much as possible (or at all costs haha!) 

They would tell me about some horrific wedding experience, or about the stress of the fast paced event, the pressure, the families, etc. But yesterday I got to document the wedding of these two. It was an intimate wedding with family and it was beautiful to witness.

Nicole Constante Edmonton Photographer

As the photographer/filmmaker, you get to see the behind the scenes. You get to witness the bride and groom getting ready with their families, the tears, the last hugs, the laughter. And even do Maid of Honour duties at some point! And even luckier because there was another photographer I got to watch which felt like I was on a free mentorship session hah! I feel so blessed having experienced all these.

After the wedding, I stood at their backyard trying to process the mixture of emotions. I immediately called my mom, the person I want to celebrate everything with first. I also told her how happy I was, how cute their vows to each other were and that I almost bawled down crying like I was the mother and also how I got culture-shocked. Weddings look so different here, and maybe even marriage. But Ive only been to one so! Maybe mostly it was because of the interaction and the new people. I was out of my comfort zone! Still lucky someone has my back. :)

I realised what I'd do more differently than others when I shoot more weddings. Throughout filming them, they asked me what I wanted them to do. Id tell them to stand a certain way and have their hands on the other's shoulders or something, but ultimately I told them "I dont want you to focus on me. Look at each other and just enjoy your first moments as husband and wife." 

That's how I got my favorite footage to film.

And favorite moments to watch.

It was indeed tiring, like what the photographers Id met has told me. And I guess I anticipated it but at the same time still got surprised. Like, how could other wedding photographers do much bigger wedding?! And on their own???? Superheroes are real.

But you know what? It was the kind of tired that's so fulfilling. And for the few moments I was allowed to close my eyes to rest, I did so in prayer. I couldnt stop saying "Thank you." and "I love you." I was praying for more moments like those, and that Id be given enough wisdom to face it and hold it firmly, and creativity to deliver my best.