Why I Admire People Who Share The Struggle

yeg brand photographer | Nicole Constante

I admire people who keep it real and share their story, not only their highlights but the struggle as well. Who honors their stories and carries it beautifully no matter how full of bumps and obstacles it can be.

Every night before I do a wedding, my legs literally shake and I get so nervous I could cry. But then I tell myself, “It is totally normal! Jenna (Kutcher) for sure felt this way too and she talked alot about feeling like a fraud starting out. But look where she is now!” 
And every time I come home crashing into my mom’s arms feeling undervalued, I just remind myself of when Ed Sheeran would perform at pubs that pay him beer and the money was just enough for his train ride home.
And when I find myself not knowing the answer, how to go from here or are my camera settings even correct, I think about the many entrepreneurs who again and again said that NO ONE is really certain as to what theyre doing and we’re all just making it up as we go.
I dont know whether it gets less scarier or I just become braver knowing that the people I look up to went through this as well— that we’re all on the same journey, just different paths.

Now it just feels like magic.

And I learn to trust.
And this is why I share my story too-- in hopes I inspire someone's confidence and ability to have faith. There's no shame in the struggle. There's no shame in letting yourself be seen starting small. It's safe to be vulnerable. 

We all in this together, oki?

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