High Vibe Entrepreneurs in Yoga Pants

I wanted to share these photos from the last networking event I went to. You may have read about it from my feature article of Tani Morgan from my Women To Watch Wednesday series. YEG High Vibe Tribe is a monthly networking event for entrepreneurs and this one is no other! It lives up to its name.

Michelle Thoret gave us an inspiring talk at Empowered Yoga, her gym/yoga studio which had the most peaceful ambiance and gave us a beautiful view of the sunset. And then we had a guided meditation session.

Gosh, the things I went through just to get there was crazy! I arrived a bit late and missed the ice breaker game haha. But I can say it has been worth it. I loved seeing Tani again as well as Rosalyn who put together my first ever networking event which has opened so many doors for me ever since. I just hope these people realise how much they help others to achieve their dreams simply by going after their own. I also finally got to meet Cindy! She's Tani's partner in organizing this event and THAT GIRL! Omg. I had so many questions haha! Im naturally curious but her story of turning back from engineering to become an entrepreneur really amazes me. Everyone there amazed me! 

This networking event was full of entrepreneurs in yoga pants instead of business suits. And I came home with an empowered heart instead of a bunch of business cards. And it really is a community filled with genuine smiles and souls who encourage others.

I'm always grateful for this kind of opportunity to be surrounded by people sharing similar mindset and values and learn even just by watching the people who give me a glimpse of the person I aspire of becoming.

Ahh, the things that happen when women stand together. 💛