Surrounding Yourself With People Committed to Success | YEGBOSSBABES Birthday Brunch

YEGBOSSBABES turned one!!

The first time I went to one of their events was in July with my friend and favorite realtor, Katrina. It was a networking event on Castrol Raceways. Who knew racing and boss babes mixed well together? YEGBOSSBABES did, of course! And then I went to the next one when I collabed with them and my friend Glenny for their branding workshop.

The birthday brunch was held at Central Social Hall! And Jesse, one of the co-founders was such an amazing person. At first I didnt think he was the actual owner because he was soo hands on! I mean, he took care of the microphone and technicals. CEOs stay in their offices, right? Haha! But it reminded me of the Go Giver book. And my myths about successful people always get debunked. He is so so kind and made jokes with me and my friend Myrhalyn here and there. He was the kind of CEO I only read about.

My biggest takeaway from that day was from the guest speaker Justine, founder of Lipstick Empire. She told her story of starting up a business and failing and then starting again. As well the community she chose to surround herself with.

“I have made it my mission to surround myself with people committed to their own success and to the success of others.”

I am just genuinely proud of these girls. They started just a year ago and have created this wonderful community of like minded, passionate and driven women from Edmonton.

I met girls I only connected with online, Natty and Shruti. And then Emma, whom I met at the very first networking event I attended. I also was introduced to amazing people like Sara and Nathalie and Alexa and Hailey and many more! And that I was the happiest. I thought to myself, these are the kind of people I want to keep surrounding myself with. I love this community. And Im so so grateful.

Here are some of my favorites photos.. You can view the entire gallery here!

We were on a walk and I was asked, “What do you like about photography?”

I stopped for a moment. What is my favorite thing? Sure, I love taking pictures, and editing, and finding my style. It lights me up when I get the settings right on the first click of teh shutter. But no, those can’t be what I love most about it. And the I realised the reason I love photography so much barely had to do with it.. It is the people. I love the experiences photography allows me to have, the people my camera introduces me to and the conversations I get to be part of because of it.

I could be doing something COMPLETELY different but as long as this is the kind of community I’m surrounded by, I would be happy. And passionate and in love and grateful.

As always,

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