5 Bloggers I Want To Emulate As I Navigate The Blogging World

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I have been blogging for as long as I can remember.

The different names I had for my blog when I was around 14-16are way too cringe-y but nevertheless make me smile because they represent a different part of my life. It’s like, I would always feel the need to change my blog whenever I feel myself, my aspirations, changing so I guess it’s safe to say that this blog has been growing with me. I’m now using my name for my blog and even though I don’t think I’d be using a different one, there are still ways I can make changes and improvements to make sure this blog grows with me.

In a blogging course I took on Skillshare, the first thing the teacher asked the students to do was to come up with the vision for your dream life and once you do, see where a blog fits in it. Lately I’ve been realizing more and more how much I love creating content, from taking photos to writing about the topics I’m really passionate about. Not to mention I also love staying and working from home. (or, if we’re feeling fancy, checking out local coffee shops downtown.)

Something I want to put more focus on this year (and the ones to come, honestly) is blogging. Not only to create more content, but to document my journey as well. I have been working on DIY blog planners and jotting down post ideas. I probably have 2 months worth of blog posts if I posted everyday. Haha! Just gotta work on the execution part, especially taking more pictures of myself.

Before my Sabbatical end, I want to be able to streamline my website, my blog process and really go back to zero. Still thinking if I should change the layout, but I decided to list down the category I’m writing about. I wanted it to be just around 4 but I ended up with 6!

Categories I’m Writing About:

  1. Life - this sounds like such a broad category, doesn’t it? Haha! I want to incorporate more of my personal life in this blog, and make it more ME as much as possible so my little diaries will go into this category. It will also have my thoughts on intentional living, morning routines, organization, self-care and who knows, fitness? Haha!

  2. Personal development - I want to write about my journey of finding different ways and methods of goal-setting, motivation, productivity, self-growth and do book reviews and I figured they will all go into this category. I’m such a nerd about this topic and it is something that I could talk about for hours and hours on end because I am passionate about it and it really is part of my day to day lifestyle.

  3. Career/Entrepreneurship - This will include healthy hustling tips, lessons I learn running my business, finance management, lessons from my mentors, etc.

  4. Law of attraction and manifestation - Another topic I wouldn’t stop talking about! Haha! From visualization tips, vision boards, affirmations, different manifestation methods, my routines, my success stories.. I’m so woowoo and I’m so excited to share more of it!

  5. Faith and Spirituality - Over the last 2 years I would say that I have really grown into my faith and it is such a big part of my daily life, if not the biggest. I start and end my day with Abba. One of my ‘resolutions’ this year is to be bolder with my faith. I was always afraid that when I talk openly about it, it would seem like I’m shoving it down people’s throat but the more I did it, the more natural I felt. My favorite compliment has got to be when someone told me I do it so naturally.

  6. Features (WWW) - My girls!! I love meeting up with other entrepreneurs and just picking their brains about business and life. This is one of my favorite blog categories, not only because it makes me go out there and meet other like-minded people to connect with, but also because it feels like I’m creating a magazine editorial every time I write these. :)

The Anna Edit


I’ve been following Anna for a quite a while. But then again, so do most people. She has been blogging for years and is one of the biggest lifestyle blogs out there! However, it’s not until recently (we’re talking 3 weeks) that I followed her, read her blog and watched her videos RELIGIOUSLY. I still have yet to really be into style or beauty but I never miss her life posts and updates. She talks about intentional living and purchasing.. And hey, the woman recently wrote a book!

Here’s a comment from one of her vlogs that I totally agree with (and what made me curious about her even more):

“I had to stop watching to clarify you something. Why can’t yo believe it? [her book success) I have to make some points here. You are hard working always caring influencer, you comply with schedules and good consistent content. You are a lovely relatable lady, your advice is always good. You are the few that do not push and push and push buying for the sake of buying which is highly appreciated. You audience is always polite and nice on the comments it is a nice group to be part of. We need communities that are sane and invite us to grow up and help. I like you because you are caring. Your wedding was so low key and nice, you ask to people to donate instead of getting gifts, and Mark is a rockstar! We like you Anna in this time of bragging money bragging lifestyle and utter bullshit you and your husband are a gift! So you deserve everything nice and good. Keep the good work señora! A warm hug from Mexico.”

She’s the ultimate inspiration.



Rebecca’s blog is something that I always find myself coming back to. I have an interesting relationship with her blog. I’m not obsessed with it, but I have a familiar love for it that just makes me go back to it almost as if I’m coming home. Her approach to blogging is a breath of fresh air. I love how her blog is HER and her community is so invested in it, something that’s very visible in the comments. She’s the blogger who’s quiet, who doesn’t feel the need to “prove” anything to anyone or to conform in other people’s views. Those are some of the things I love about her and what I aspire to emulate


Camille Styles

One of my goals for my blog is to create QUALITY content on a consistent basis.

I love how Camille Styles is both a personal brand but at the same time, she has made it into a lifestyle brand. Her content reminds me of magazine editorials and are very refreshing. Though I want to keep my blog very personal, I also want it to be a go-to for the categories I’m writing about. Camille Styles is run by a dedicated team of women, something that I am working towards! The dream <3



This girl and how he talks about Jesus so effortlessly, and she makes it just as cool like she talks about fashion and lifestyle. I want to be just as open and natural as her when she talks about Jesus.

I have a pinterest board for blog photos inspiration and most of it are of her. Haha! I love her clean visuals, especially the ones of her.

She also puts out content every single day which has made her blog really revolve around her life and her readers really connect with her.


Sam Laura Brown

Her blog started as Smart-Twenties before she rebranded into her name. Personal branding for the win! For Sam, what I want to emulate is her business model and how she uses content marketing. At one point, she a did a blog post, a podcast and a youtube video for one topic, delivering it in different ways. Genius. For now she’s more focused into her podcast and serving her clients and students.


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