How To Create Your Dream Life with The "Perfect Day" Exercise

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“5 years from now, you will surely arrive. The question is, where?”

I thought I’d start this blog post with a quote by my uncle Jim Rohn because IT. JUST. HITS. IT!

If someone asked you today: “What do you want out of your life?” Would you have an answer ready?

Are you heading towards something? Or are you living everyday just to get by, without an actual vision in mind?

Getting clear about your vision & writing your dreams down— I believe those are the first steps to bringing them to life.

Story time!

A few months ago, I invested in a coach for the very first time. [I cried A LOT before putting in that money hahaha but that’s another story!)

I remember crying (I cry alot) on our first call because it was the first time I was talking to someone about my dreams boldly. I didn’t hold anything back. It was the first time I got clear about why I do what I do and the first time I’ve said out loud “I want to retire my parents.”

One of the first exercises we did was the Perfect Day journaling exercise where you have to get clear about what an ideal day looks like a few years from now, when you are living out your full purpose. It is one of the most powerful and transformation Law of Attraction tools and manifestation journaling exercises I have ever done in my whole personal development journey.

One of my mentors always says, “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives” so even just making one ideal day and being so specific about it helped me get clarity on the life I actually want for myself.

However, it didn’t come very easily!! During our call, he asked me what my ideal day would be in 5 years and boy oh boy. I was full of “Um”, “Wait, no” “Hmm..” and just me babbling about dreamy scenarios I found on Instagram.

I thought I had my dreams set out and planned, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I’m a dreamer. I have goals and plans and am always working towards something. BUT when he asked me, I could not answer.

Long story short, our call wasn’t very much productive because I didn’t know what I wanted. Haha! He made me do it as homework for our next call and I had spent the week just crafting my ideal day.

I sat down with my Evernote app and began writing. I did that for hours one night and it was so so exhilarating! I don’t know about you, but I consider dreaming & visualizing a hobby. I could be happy sitting with my hot chocolate and just journaling about I want my future to be. Though during that time, it was a bit more serious because I was reflecting on my dreams, “Do I really want my day to look like that or did I just see that on Instagram and thought that would be nice?”

It is okay to take inspiration from how others live their lives but ultimately, we must be self-aware enough to take ownership of the lifestyle that we actually want for our future and how we can steward over our present to lead us towards that.

For example, I would see a husband + wife partner up in business. I’d be amazed of their relationship but also, I stop and think, “wait, would that actually work for me? Or would I want us to have our separate work lives and careers?” Gotta think: Which part of that dream can I innovate to match my ideal?

I also went on Pinterest and collected pictures that would go with it. Once I finished, my dreams never felt clearer.

It’s been months since I did this exercise and you know what’s amazing? Not much has changed. I read it and I still get excited because it is *THEE* ultimate dream! It really helped that I took my time writing it, that I enjoyed the process and that I had let myself be honest and dig deep to know what I actually want.

I talk about it a lot to people because of how effective it has been in helping me have a direction and pull me back when I’m getting off track. And I am very privileged to be sharing it with you today because I really BELIEVE in this exercise!

Also, there will be people who would just consume and wouldn’t take action. Believe me, I would’ve done that too if I didn’t put that money. Haha! I always watch personal development videos and rarely take time to actually do the exercise so I’m really grateful I had that kind of pressure. I wanted my money to be worthwhile and for me to get the most out of it and so I paid attention to this journaling exercise and really took it seriously.

And today, I'm sharing it with you freely. Take advantage of it!! I hope you take the initiative to create the life that you dream of and get clear today on what you actually want. Like I always say, things are created twice. First in our head before it can come to pass. It’s one of the basic principles of the Law of Attraction!

So, let’s get to creation shall we?

How To Craft Your Ideal Day In 5 Years

Some people write it very simply..time on the left and a simple sentence on what they are doing during that period.

for example: 7 AM - wake up

You can do it that way as well! But where’s the fun in that? Haha!

For mine, I created it in timeline from what time I want to be waking up until the last hour, created a paragraph telling a story (with very specific details and emotions) for what I want that hour to look like, and then I put pictures beside that time so I am able to visualize it!! It’s like a little story book and I really love it!

Here are some sentences from my dream life. I hope you get inspiration from it! (I have never shown this to anyone but the Instagram people have spoken! Purpose>my feelings haha!)

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 11.38.23 PM.png

At the top, there’s a section for overall life feeling for when I’m 25 years old and it’s my favorite favorite part! I wrote in present tense and used words aligned to exactly how I speak. Whenever I read it, it feels so true! Our subconscious doesn’t determine what’s real and what we imagine. I also read it aloud and with so much excitement I just smile like crazy.

See how I focused on how I want to FEEL first?

It is important that we know what we want our dream life to look like but more than that, we should visualize from the inside out. We can do that by being more intentional on how we want to feel first and then figuring out what that looks like on the outside.

Make everything as detailed and vivid as possible!

Tip: Use pictures that you connect with on an emotional level and situations you can imagine and visualize yourself in. Aesthetics are important but also, we should have an emotional connection to the photos because our emotions are what magnifies our desires :)

And here’s an example of an hour from a day in my life :-) There are days where this is just tooooo real and I am the luckiest girl!

The Perfect Day Success Journaling Exercise_Ideal Day In 5 Years_Nicole Constante.jpg.jpg

So there are 3 columns: first one for the time, the second one is the paragraph of what I’m doing during that time and then I added a third one for the pictures!!

Guide Questions TO REFLECT ON:

  • First and foremost, how do I want to FEEL?

  • What do I want to do?

  • Who do I spend my time with and what kind of people do I want to be surrounded by?

  • What do I want to fill my days with?

  • How much am I earning? Giving? Investing? Be specific!

What to avoid:

Some people suggest taking 20-60 minutes to do this but I took far longer haha! I’m a writer and dreamer at heart. I got really carried away by how much I enjoyed this exercise and so I ended up with a 10-page document haha! Now this is something I *DON’T* recommend! Honestly, (and it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy doing so, but) I don’t read it as often as I should because it is super long haha!

CLICK HERE to get the customizable Google Doc template that I used to create my ideal day! I also added some notes on the doc as well as the steps & tips I used to create mine!

Download here:

Other helpful links:

Many successful people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, and Brendon Burchard do this exercise, write about it in their books, and recommend it to their clients. Are you ready for the life of your dreams?!

Have fun journaling! I am rooting for you!

Photos of me by Glenny Decasa :)

As always,

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