Creating Space for What I Want | 10 Things


I’m on the last few days of my Sabbatical.

One of my aim for this sabbatical is to come back to my zero and get rid of everything that doesn’t feel right moving forward. When I was just getting started with manifestation, I thought that attracting things had to do with me going and reaching for them. And so I would pick up every thing along the way, hoping somehow one thing will lead to another and ultimately to what I wanted.

But then I found that there was a better way.

An easier one.

In order to attract what I want, I simply have to make space for them.

My 3 weeks in Calgary has been freeing. The last day I was in Edmonton I was so messy and frustrated with myself. Drowning in lack of self-control and feeling chains of procrastination around me. I was tired, maybe. Or lacked motivation and meaning after all that has drained me.

Everyday gets better and better. Life is so so good. Life is so easy. And I am so grateful.

Since my for the year is “Stride,” I’m following the notion of “Less is More”, here are the things I want to make space for going forward.

  1. More of my Abba—God

  2. Visionary friendships with positive, Jesus-loving and growth-oriented people

  3. Clothes that make me feel good and confident

  4. Work that I absolutely love with clients who believes in storytelling and the process of brand building.

  5. A strong routine that empowers me and allows me to focus on things that matter.

  6. Investing in myself— personal/business growth-wise and physically.

  7. Progress. Whether that looks a little messy and painful. In the end, I know my happiness ultimately lies in it.

  8. Slow mornings— time to recalibrate, go back to my why and take a sneak peek in the future.

  9. A stronger and fit version of myself— this girl wants to do so many things, and my body shouldn’t be something that stops me — whether that’s because I don’t feel comfortable, confident, or simply because I get tired easily.

  10. Love.

I am learning more and more, building my brand, the foundation, knowing the right people to look up to, learning the right things to do, habits to cultivate.

But right now, I’m going back to my heart. Or better yet, I am building a new heart-- one that’s fuller. So full that even if they take and take and take, it’d still be overflowing. One that knows where its guidance comes from so it never loses sense of direction. A heart that knows how to be strong, tough and soft at the same time.

I am building a new life, creating space for things that add up joy and help me grow. For people who are for me as much as I am for them, as much as they are for themselves. I am building a new self that’s more understanding, that knows self-control. That masters herself so she doesn’t feel the need to master others.

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