How To Throw The ULTIMATE Vision Board Party for 2019!

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“It’s surreal to think about how 1 year ago, I was just in the Philippines, in a small local coffee shop, creating my very first vision board. And now, we’re all here! And we get to do it together!!”

That was how I started speaking. I had to stop several times to just take it all in. Imagine being surrounded by women who knows what they want and who are willing to go after it, women who are taking responsibility for designing the future that they want and being the author of their life. Ohh wait, I didn’t have to imagine!

I had the time of my life last week, January 6th, during #womenwithvision2019! I’m so grateful and humbled to be able to share this part of myself with other people. What I once thought was SUPER woowoo, what I once was so scared of showing to others and almost tucked under the bed, I then shared and talked about in a room full of people wanting to create the same thing.

And I’m grateful I’m grateful I’m grateful.

One of the girls said,

“I was just talking to my friend about how I wish we were able to document the milestones and moments that changed our lives forever. And we realized that this is one of those for you. Congratulations.” 😭

Really, when you just own who you are, when you share yourself genuinely and unapologetically, when you take steps of courage and faith, you will attract the right people who will share the journey with you and it’s going to be the most beautiful thing.

And after hours and hours of working on the video, trying to capture the event in less than 2 minutes, here’s how I want to remember it..



I don’t think I’ve ever put so much of myself on working on a project. As much as I’d love to be one of those people who say they put all of their heart into everything they do, I don’t think I’ve experienced that before this. I received Women with Vision as an opportunity and as a gift and I wanted to make sure I’d give my best to it. (At the same time, it’s taught me a lot about surrender! Gee)

My vision board literally changed my life and I’m so excited to see how their vision boards are going to manifest in their lives too!

Ive talked about how I daydreamed this event to life, and today I say..

Keep wondering what would it feel like. Keep imagining. Keep daydreaming. Think it into existence. Speak it into existence. Ask for it. Expect it. Believe it with every fiber of your whole entire being and give it no other choice but to come to pass.

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The rest of the photos are here: [] (download in hi-res/web size)

This was my first time public speaking and for what I was gonna say, I knew I wanted to focus more on telling stories. People connect more with stories than facts they can easily find from google or other Vision Board resources. (There’s a post coming on how I prepared for my first speech, too!) However, I knew that most of the girls haven’t created their vision boards before and I wanted to have something that would be a guide or more so a reminder for them. I put together these two PDFs and printed it (we also sent out a welcome email with them as attachments!)

Get the FREE Vision Board PDF here!

What To Put On Your 2019 Vision Board (7 Life Areas) - The 7 Life Areas method is what Tony Robbins uses for Date with Destiny when he lets his attendees create their own life boards. Those boards are more on words instead of photos but I still loved how he divided several life areas in a different way than most people. This really got me thinking what matters first and to actually consider other sides of life and not just the usual (goals, destinations, bucketlists, etc) and so I wanted the girls to use this one!

⚡️ Tips on Creating an Inspiring and Effective Vision Board - Most of the tips on here, I learnt from experience while creating my first vision board. Some from my visualization exercises that taught me what I connected to most, and others I learned recently as I compiled photos for my new board!

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I wanted to make this post not only to tell my story but to be a resource for those who want to throw their vision board parties too! So I thought I’d share some insight on how we prepared for this one!

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  • magazines (LOTS of them) - I never thought I’d be so THIRSTY for magazines! Haha! I never left coffee shops and public places without a bunch of the free magazines. I also got more from strangers who didnt want them anymore (can you imagine? Hahaha jk!) and then my friends Ariel and Sarah donated a bunch of good ones too! LITERAL ANGELS.

    We didn’t want the girls bringing anything but we emailed them that it was an option to bring printouts of images from pinterest! Especially because magazines, although so much fun, aren’t always specific to what we want!

  • Foam board - For my first vision board I just used regular 8x11 bristol boards and put them together on my 12x14 frame. This time I got the Elmers foam board and cut it in half (about 15x9!) (Well, my dad did. But you get the point! Haha) I asked the girls what they thought of the size and they said it was just perfect! I also didn’t want to use bristol boards or just plain papers because I wanted something that would be ready to go up on their walls and won’t need any framing! (Although my friend Myrhalyn did and ITS PRETTY BTW.) (so much parentheses on this point))

  • Scissors - ESSENTIAL. Another thing that each person should have one of her own! I got a set of 5 scissors of different sizes from the dollar store and I’ve been a fan since then. Michaels who? AHHAHA JK I love Michaels!

  • Glue, glue sticks, and tape - I knew from experience that double sided tape makes a lot of mess. Haha! I learned my lesson when I got weird looks from that first coffee shop when I was making my 2018 board so this time, I opted for glue and glue sticks. Haha! I still brought a few tapes as well just in case anyone preferred it but they were all happy to use glue. Talk about bravery and no commitment issues. AAHHAHAH WHAT!

  • Markers - totally optional! I was thinking of getting a box per table but only got 4 boxes and put the pens in the materials table in case anyone needed or wanted them! And by the end, I’m so glad because many girls used it to write their names, catch phrases or you know, the dollar sign. Get that money, girly!

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  • The 2019 Balloons from Balloon Source! Ahhh. OK. Storytime! When my friend Glenny and I first met up to plan this thing, I was heart broken when she told me so many “NOs” about what we couldn’t do either from lack of budget or just space. Imagine having such a dreamy pinterest board for the party and being so excited for it then having your heart crushed. Haha! But I reached out to sponsors and Balloon Source was my first choice for balloons! I’m so glad they said yes!! When they put it behind the materials table, I got goosebumps because that’s exactly how I wanted the material tables to be from my Pinterest Board! You can see in the recap video how I danced. HAHAHA I WAS SUPER HAPPY. The day couldve ended that moment and I would be just as happy. Haha!

  • DREAM without fear board that I got as a Christmas gift! I literally grabbed everything in our house that makes sense for the event. That includes my sister’s lamp and Eiffel Tower too. Haha!

  • GET IT GIRL on a light board, my favorite catch-phrase ever ever, of course had got to be part of the event! I believe it’s such a big part of my brand now. Yee!

  • LOA books! The Secret was my introduction to the Law of Attraction 2 years ago and I wanted to acknowledge that by using it as a decor for the event. I also mentioned it when I talked about the importance of having vision!

  • Other Vision Boards for inspiration.

    • Ive brought my 2018 board and looked at it several times during the day. I’m so grateful for my board. It literally changed my life and there I was, sharing what used to only be mine with those who are willing to listen. And watching them create theirs took me back to when I was first creating my board. Ahh. We’ve come a long way.

    • My bestie Ariel brought his two vision boards too! We hang it up and it’s made the venue even more inspiring! Need me more people with vision boards. Haha!

    • For our sponsors, I wanted to create one that would not only make sense for the event, but also have a personal touch to it. The idea of creating a “vision board” for Lexus of Edmonton West and Sarasota Homes came to me and I was over the moon. I really enjoyed looking up pictures of Lexus up on Pinterest and then Sarasota provided us pictures of their actual homes! It took me a while to realise that those are actual homes just near where I live. Gotta up my manifestation game! Haha! The rest of the photos (they gave us so many!!) were put in the tables of the attendees for some #dreamhome inspo for their board especially because most of the magazines we got were health magazines!

  • The venue was so dreamy in itself. I remember being at the Art of Cake for the first time for an entrepreneur group meetup several months ago and I was smitten from day one. So when I was “dreaming up” a vision board party, naturally, it was the first that came to mind. And I’m so glad they wanted to do this with us! Ahhh. Also, we didn’t need to have much decor because the place spoke for itself. They had nice chandeliers, white tables, chic/vintage furniture, the brick walls, the couches. Gosh, I could go on and on about it! But having a place that’s already so beautiful took the pressure off me. I knew it was gonna be such a beautiful event!

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And most importantly, you need people. I’m such a big fan of working alone and this thing has stretched me so far but in the best way possible. I’m excited to write about what Ive learnt but I don’t wanna finish this post without acknowledging these people who’ve brought dreams to life.

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  • YEGBOSSBABES - I remember my first yegbossbabes event with Katrina.. I always tell this story, but let me tell it again!! Haha! I looked at Kirsten, one of the co-founders and Glenny. They both had the YEGBOSSBABES lanyard. I wondered, what would it be like to wear one of those? To work with them? Your girl is a daydreamer! But daydreaming has never failed me. Because there I was, hosting my first event with YEGBOSSBABES! Everything that led me here, especially that day I first met Glenny, how it all came together leaves me speechless.

    • And Glenny! What a woman. Making my Art of Cake dreams come true and hooking us up with Gloria! My babe introduced me for my first speaking event as her “sister” and made me cry even more at the end of the day with her handwritten letter. I’m SO gonna sue!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN COURT

    • My fellow ambassadors Jamie and Jocelyn. I was able to stay present during the day and just enjoy the moment because they made sure everything else is taken care of! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS. But my yegbossbabes family really shows me the art of collaboration and just the magic we’re able to create when we show up for each other wholeheartedly. I’m so grateful.

  • My family. I’m going to cry, I already did. They were my support system that day and weeks leading up to January 6th. From cutting the boards, driving me around buying supplies, collecting magazines.. And they made sure I was intact and ready to show up when my knees were literally shaking. My sister!!!! My favorite sister!! (She’s my only sister but hahaha!) I was almost ugly sobbing out of nervousness and overwhelm but then she started dancing and singing our favorite worship song Won’t Stop Now by Elevation Worship. I felt God just breathe confidence and his calm in me just by dancing. She also prayed for me! I love my family so much and I’m so grateful that I got to spend that day with them. My mom adjusted her work schedule and my dad left for work the day after. Ahhh

  • My brother did such an amazing job filming and taking photos during the event. Yup, he did both! I’m already so lucky for him being so funny but I’m blessed beyond words because of his support and effort during my first event! A few hours in, he was telling me about how his arm hurt and wondered how I was able to do it during my events! Hahahaha! Oops. I blame the lens.

  • And then my friends. Seeing my friends made such a difference because although Ive dreamt up public speaking before and Ive done lots of speaking over my Insta stories and camera, it’s different when you think that you’ll be speaking in front of strangers. But seeing them arrive one by one, the familiar faces, it’s like, hey, I’m just telling my story to my friends! It’s okay! I’m totes safe!! because they were there, everyone else felt like a friend too.

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Thank you for reading and as always,

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