Hands down, the Best Backpack for Creative Entrepreneurs in 2019! | Atlas Supply Co.'s Minimalist Bag in Penny Camera Bag Review

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Are you on the lookout for the perfect backpack? In search for that camera bag who will hold all your gear without screaming CAMERA BAG, or just trying to find that bag for your everyday routine that matches every. single. outfit?

Ah. I would like to believe that I have found the perfect bag!! Whether I'm going out for a shoot with a client with tons of equipment, interviewing a guest for my podcast, going to a coffee meeting, traveling to my favorite city, or just working out of the library— in any situation, this bag has my back. HA. No pun intended. :)))

I am someone who carries a bunch of things every single day and it varies day to day depending on what's going on. So it was important finding and having the best bag to come with me on my adventures. As entrepreneurs and creatives, we wear different hats. Our days are varied and more often that not, we don’t have a proper schedule and routine so what we bring (and how much we bring!) always differ.

But have no fear, Penny girl is here!!

In this blog post I will share all the reasons why I love this vegan leather backpack from Atlas Supply Co. in the “Minimalist.”

(not sponsored at all! Just reaally obsessed with this bad girl.)

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Atlas Supply Co The Minimalist Bag in Penny Review | Nicole Constante.jpg
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Why I Got It

Now I can't say that I've used and tried a multitude of backpacks in the past. Previously, I was using a grey camera bag. However, it was so small so I always needed to carry something in my hands, either my binder in my hands or/and my water bottle. It did most of the job but it was not ideal!

For awhile, I became that annoying big sister who gate-crashed my sister's closet for her bigger backpacks. But soon after, I made a decision to just get over it and go in search of THE bag.

When I found Penny Girl (her product name!), I knew from the beginning that she was what I wanted. But I had to take time on and I watched reviews to make sure I was making the right investment because girl, she kinda espensiv!!


This is the first time I have invested this much on a backpack. After my research (which I do when I'm investing a relatively large amount of money for a certain thing), I realized that I was making the right choice.

I’ll mention all things I love about her below later. What made me really go for it was focusing on the value and length of usage I'm going to get in exchange for my money instead of what it is costing me. (But I also asked myself— what it is costing me NOT to???)

A few months ago, I have decided to have fewer but better things! And if that means I’ll have to make investments on classics and ethically produced products from brands whose message I believe in, then I am for it!

Ah, the joy that I felt when it arrived couldn’t compare to anything. Christmas morning came early for the Constante household!!



1. The Style

Scroll through my photos, and you would find that I am all about neutrals and the classic style! This bag does NOT scream “camera bag!” at all and I always get complimented whenever I'm out with this bag. It just matches my outfits!!! ANY OUTFIT, actually. Who wouldn't get much more confidence showing up to something, whether it be a shoot or a meeting, with this cutie on?? I even took their fun quiz that lets you know which bag suits you best, and I got Penny!! We were really meant to be. Haha! I know that if I was an anime character, this will be a staple on my outfit! Haha!

Atlas Supply Co The Minimalist Bag in Penny Review | Nicole Constante-5.jpg

2. It holds allll of my things, and I bring a lot of em.

I seriously don't know what it's like to go out not carrying anything. Gone are the days of small purses, let alone just bring my phone. My bag is named Minimalist but I am probably the furthest from being one when it comes to what I bring on the daily. My bag is filled with "just in case" items. Woops!

I'd say their architecture for this is very profound and they were really being intentional because they knew who this bag was for, what their customer does, where she goes, what she brings..

I'm a girl who loves purses. Purses for everything! It just makes finding things much easier and my life is more organized. For this bag though, I'm very confident and at peace even if I don't have a separate purse for certain things. Oh, I have stopped bringing a pencil case by the way and I just use the front pocket!

3. It has lots of pockets— soo spacious!

Speaking of compartments, they put 2 velcro pads inside so you can put it and remove accordingly, depending on your needs that day and how you would like to compartmentalize your bag. I keep mine mostly on and I love that it's in the middle so I don't have to reach too low to get my things. I just open it and then voila, they are here!

The side though, that is supposed to be for water bottle I believe, doesn't make the cut for me. I'm a thirsty thirsty girl and I tend to bring large bottles to keep from refilling it. But!! If I don't have my equipment, it fits right under the bag with the side opening. So that's not even a problem. I love my Penny so much!

Speaking of the side zipper, isn't it the best thing that I don't have to take the bag off just to get what I need? Hallelujah!

4. It is very well made and sturdy.

Atlas did such a good good job on the stitching and the materials they have used for this bag. The bag is thick and I know I can trust it with my things. My equipment heavy. The lens, the camera body, the accessories.. Add to that the weight of my laptop, journals and books. My bag can be heavy at times and when people get surprised when they try it on and ask me, how?! I just say — well, I literally have my whole life here. Haha!


5. Vegan Leather

perfect because right now I am trying to live as sustainable as possible. I haven't eaten meat in a while. Surprisingly for myself, I'm still here unlike I thought haha! AND also, And it doesnt need to be conditioned because it's faux leather

I've made a decision to have fewer but better things and I found that that would mean I'll make bigger investments, but they will bring me more joy and a lasting quality, and help me live a more sustainable life.

6. Rain or shine

Did I say that it's water resistant? For someone who's carrying precious equipment, and lots of papers and journals, having a protection for them is a big thing for me. I won't have to worry about spilled drink or the rain stopping us!

7. Best adventure buddy

This last one isn't exclusive for Penny but for backpacks in general. (I just love that my Penny looks prettier than most backpacks! Ha!) The freedom it brings to not have anything in my hands that shoulder bags can't quite give me.. especially when I'm out for an adventure, walking around new streets, or biking to the park for sunset!

Every time, I'd say, are you enjoying, Penny?

I'm so excited to take this with me for my travels soon!


Another favorite thing about this bag is that, unlike most backpacks, their logo is in the back! It is also only engraved so it’s not even noticeable. Now, I’m not saying this because I don’t like their brand nor am I not proud. I love this so much because it allows people to strike a conversation with me! And ask where I got my bag from. I think I get to give them a more genuine reply as to how much I love it and why I think it’s the best backpack in 2019, whether you’re an entrepreneur, going back to school or a university student!

Atlas does an amazing job at making their customers feel special. They do these instagram giveaways when they release a new color, and the person who comes up with the best name gets the bag!!

My bag came with a cover and some brand materials which I love so much! They also have bags in 4 other styles and in different materials (canvas and genuine leather) so you just have to pick which one fits your lifestyle best!!

We are a brand inspired by real life. We believe in creating essential, versatile travel items with function and form, informed by ourselves, friends, and you. Because there is not one label that defines you.

And the best part? They also offer free shipping within the US. I’m in Canada though haha! But many of you are lucky ladies!

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So, are you convinced yet?! Haha! I really think that I have one of the best backpacks in 2019 and I can only say that because she’s been so well at doing her job for the past 3 months!! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, a mom looking for a diaper bag, an influencer, sporty or not, this bag will be such a good partner for you!

Let me know what you think!! And if you’re getting it, send me an email! Let’s nerd over it together. Also, I can give you the secret discount code I used on their website to get a 30% off!!

See ya!




As always,

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Photos of me in white by: @arielccjunior

Photos of me in black by: @glennymah of Confessions of a Scorpio