My Word of the Year and Career Plans for 2019

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Happy new year! It’s the first week and usually, this is the time we take to set intentions for the coming year. At least for me, that has always been the case since starting my personal development journey. 2018 has set the bar so high. It was a year full of breakthrough and laughter.

I’ve learned that we should set goals specifically for different areas of our lives. Family, financial, career, fitness.. those are just a few examples. I haven’t really sat down to do some fancy planning and goal setting, it’s been a bit busy in the best way possible, but some of my more personal goals are saying “I love you” more, managing my money better, (how do I say getting a body that Im comfortable with without sounding like I hate myself? Because I love me), being bolder with my faith and journaling consistently.

Last night I was thinking about what I wanna do for my career this year.

As a multi-passionate person, I have my hands on so many things and it can be so easy to lose focus especially when you do not have a clear vision of where you are going. One thing that has been helping me to figure out where to go and what I actually want recently are my vision book and planning for my vision board that I decided I’ll do every year.

I can look at wanting so many different things as a flaw, or I can see beauty in it. And we always look at the brighter side. You see, I know what my end vision is, it’s just that the path I want to take to get there, or the method to lead me to that, it changes from time to time.

Today I thought Id share some goals I’ve written down for my career and business as well as my word of the year and how I decided on it! Also created a PDF version of the End of the Year Review Prompts I use annually! Click below to get yourself a copy :)

  1. Focus on my website more than my Instagram.

For the past few months I have prioritized my social media. I think it has paid off well especially when it comes to making new friends locally as I have just moved from another continent. Haha!

This time, however, I really want to start building my website and taking care of it. I believe I’ll be able to serve more people this way and it will be better in the long term.

I want to create more content because really, I love writing. I love creating so much. I love telling stories. And I want to reach people outside of my arms’ reach. Writing feels like home. And I always go back to it.

I RARELY use the word disgusting but I wanna use it now. It’s DISGUSTING how much content ideas and plans I had last year but never got the chance to work on them. And this time I want to create more professional and structured posts whilst prioritising creating inspiring personal essays more than SEO.

This morning, I asked myself, how can I combine being personal and being like an editorial/lifestyle website/magazine at the same time?

After that, I stumbled upon two people that do it so well. It was a light bulb moment! Seek and ye shall find. Haha! I started doing more research and I felt like I got a clear(er) sense of where I want to take this.

2. Have my pictures taken more often

This is probably the most superficial on this list. Haha! But just as important!!! This year, I want to focus on building a stronger personal brand and doing that with updated pictures of me? A lot better. Haha!

More styling and strategic shoots that will tell my story, or just casual ones when I’m exploring the city or a new coffee shop.

This will probably mean I’ll have to dress better. Hey sis, can I raid your closet? And fix my hair more often. Haha!

photos by Glenny Decasa

photos by Glenny Decasa


3. Less is more.

My word for the year is Stride. It’s from one of my favorite sermons by Pastor Mike of Transformation Church. It’s really changed the way I saw my work and life in general. One part of it is entitled Less is More.

In 2018, I really pushed myself and went OUT there. Like, out there. I reached out to people, volunteered as much as I could, TRIED to be on top of every commitment and relationship, acquired soo many books that I still have yet to flip the pages of..

And 2018 was also a year I experienced major burnouts that I found myself running to Calgary to go back to my pace.

I noticed how much FURTHER I move when I’m calm and composed. When I can breathe. When I can think. When I have space.

At one point, I really took things into my hands thinking it was my “obedience” but in the end I realized it was my impatience and my assumption that I could take credit for my success.

I want to walk this year. I will create more heart and head space. And arm space too. If I’m saying yes to something, I want to be there fully. And I can only do that when I am strategic with my yeses. I’ll choose my company and mentors wisely. I’ll create more than I consume. And quality over quantity, always.

4. Plan more and girl, just stick to it.

In December, I swore to myself that after January 6th, I’ll be in Calgary enjoying my month-long Sabbatical. I wanted to pause from other people’s lives, businesses, taking and editing photos, deadlines. I wanted my time for myself. Fancy.

I imagine the future version of myself just taking a whole month off every January to set the tone for the new year and to just listen to her intuition. Spending more time with herself and God. Thinking about it makes me happy. This also would be a great practice to start the year “Striding”

I was sure I was gonna do it until opportunities came and suddenly there’s more room in my calendar and time for myself got stretched and stretched and streeettchhhed.

I love what I do. And I love serving others. It makes me feel on top of the world being “booked and busy” haha but gosh, wouldn’t it be more honorable if I had stuck to my plan?

One more thing regarding this, my content calendar. What’s the plan, girl?

Use that every dollar app. I can feel Dave Ramsey’s rant on the nape of my neck. Haha!

Plan things and stick to it!

5. Stay in my lane, in my own timeline while
practicing self-discipline.

One of the things that I REALLY want (and need, not gonna lie) to practice is my discipline. I’ve been listening religiously to books with self-control in them as well as reminding myself of verses pertaining to self-control.

The only one I want to master is myself. My mind. My body. My work ethics. My eating habits. My effort. My expressions.

I wanted to release a new year series this year. Girl, I got the planning in place. The date, the objectives, the outline, and done research for it. I got it all done-- except the actual execution.

I guess it was because I prioritized other things on top of it or because I had failed to manage my time and energy.

But with the pressure of the new year and coming up with new year content.. This is where I wanna say I want to take my time because it gives me the grace. I still can do it. I can still write about those things I wanted to write about. I still could create value even if it’s a week later from when everyone else is posting about setting goals for the new year.

I don’t have to be rushing. Because we’re in it for the long run. We’re building a life, not just a business.

I want what’s in between the hustle and grace. That’s where magic is.

I don’t know if any of that made sense. It’s 2 am. I’ve just noticed. But this has been fun! And therapeutic. Haha! And hey, I know about keeping the goals SMART. But this has been more like some reminders I want to be guided by as I make decisions this year.

What’s your biggest dream for 2019? Do you have a word for this new year?
Your turn to share :) Comment below or send me an email! <3

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