7 Simple Ways To Show Up for Yourself This Week..

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“How can I show up for myself in a
way that I would for others?”

Last Sunday, I was doing my weekly review when this question popped up in my head.. “How can I show up for myself in a way that I would for others?”

I dumped my brain on to the paper and realised how many projects I have in progress both for my blog and business and was reminded of how differently I approached the two.

When working on my own projects, I would be “taking my time” all day, using the excuse of “not being inspired yet”, my perfectionism would kick in, and I’d be distracting myself with every possible thing (like you know, the dishes that I’m unbelievable obsessed with doing) because I was afraid to sit down and just get started.

One night, I got a message from my friend. Her baby was sick and she couldn’t come to an event she was supposed to shoot that night and asked me if I could come in for her or she might lose her job. I was already on my pyjamas at that time ready to rock and roll (aka sleep.) And then suddenly, I was a doctor on call and got ready in 15 minutes— preparing my camera gear and hopping into an uber to the venue where I had to stay up past midnight photographing.

I realised.. wait wait wait.. I thought I was tired? Why suddenly do I have this energy to work? And why CAN’T I be like this for my own projects? I’m more disciplined to get the job done when I’m accountable for other people and I realised it’s because I don’t want to disappoint them and was afraid to let them down. Why then is it so easy for me to make excuses for myself?

Show up for yourself, whether it’s in the area of self-care or work. Keep your own promises to yourself like you would for the ones you do for other people. Show up for yourself FIRST.

Here’s a mantra for when you feel like flaking..

“Because I said I would.”

Stop showing up for everyone and then bailing on yourself every time. I’m in no way saying you should drop everyone. NOT AT ALL. Haha! Do your job, girly. I just wish we had the same desire to have integrity for the things we promise ourselves we would do.

Be someone you respect. Be someone you would believe. Be someone you can trust when you committed to you. I highly recommend listening to this episode of the Rise Podcast! It’s an excerpt from the book “Girl, Wash Your Face” and pretty much inspired this whole blog post even months after I first heard it! Where are my fellow Rachel Hollis fans at?! Haha!

Here are 7 ways I want to show up for myself this week! I thought I’d share so we can do this together. How about we do 1 of this everyday for this week? Who’s with meeee!

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  1. More walking!!

Last week, I was doing my morning routine when I found that my favorite podcast ever ever uploaded a new episode. And usually, I would listen to it while cleaning up, reorganizing, working, etc. But that day, I decided to save it for later as a reward so I could listen to it during my sunset walk. Nearing my deadline (sunset time according to google haha!), my computer was giving me a hard time. “Ahhh the sun’s almost setting and I still have to walk with Jenna!!”

I treated it like an actual date! I was just done breaking promises to myself. If I promised myself I’m having that walk, I’m going to do my best to finish this thing on time so I could take it. It ended up an hour long walk and I came up a hill where I stayed watching the sun descend in all of its glorious reds, yellows and oranges.

And friends, spring has officially stolen my heart!! The city is much more alive and it’s like I’m being introduced to it again. Restaurant and cafes are setting up their patios, food trucks are popping up, more people are outside AND I can see their faces radiate sunshine because they’re not wearing heavy winter fur jackets!

Walking more, whether it’s to disconnect for a bit, for transportation, to move your body or just for fun, I want to do more it!


2. Create honest work.

I would love to create more things that are messy and honest and without pressure because I find that every time I do, I am so happy. I’m not only talking about creative work. Whether it’s cooking something for the first time and your recipe comes from the packet because you can’t even be bothered to use pinterest, or taking pictures that won’t see the light of Instagram, or styling flowers, or scrap-booking..

As a creative business owner, it is so hard to separate yourself from your work. Not to mention having a hobby outside of it! So finding something that I can enjoy that’s totally not connected to my work is so so satisfying and fulfilling. The time away from my laptop also makes me miss it so when I sit down, I’m more than ready to rock and roll (work, this time haha!)

This is also why I’m super grateful that I got a smaller camera. When I first took it out for a date, I was just clicking and clicking without minding whether the I liked the composition or if I got the exposure correctly. I didn’t even go back to edit the photos! I just went out and went on a “photowalk” I haven’t gone in awhile and it was a breathe of fresh air.

3. Face the music!

This is something that I got from a training by Sam Ovens. The man got me taking notes! (8 pages in total, legal size. Back to back oops)

Facing the music means “not running away from pain and the problems in your life by avoiding them, sedating or distracting yourself.” and “taking full responsibility for your actions and knowing that what you get in life is a mirrored image of what you put in.”

One thing that puts me on my knees before God crying is the finance part of business. It was just something that I was afraid of and couldn’t understand. I put it off as much as I could but like everything else, when I confront it, it loses its power over me and it’s not the big monster that I make it out to be. This week, I’m sitting down with my accountant and I’m super looking forward to it! May or may not be affected by the fact that we’re meeting in one of my favorite coffeeshops. Haha!

I’m also applying this principle to my work! This girl has got to learn how to have that “just do it” attitude!!

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4. Try a new class!!

Awhile ago, my friend Shannon invited me to catch up and join her on a meditation class. #friendgoalch I have only ever had online meditation exercises on headspace and the youtube, not an actual physical one, so this was new to me!! I was very excited. Also, it wasn’t just another meditation class, we were in hammocks!!! I felt like a baby! Taking time to be “thoughtless” and just being present helped alot in releasing the unnecessary pressure I unconsciously put on myself. Plus, the theme of the meditation that night was healing!

And recently, my friend Anastasia also invited me for her galentines event (my first!) She taught us how to cross stitch. At first, my frustration kicked in and I was like, “can I just take pictures???” Haha! But luckily, she was so so adamant that I do it and was VVV patient with me. It was a nice mindfulness practice because my focus was just on the needles + it was a pretty repetitive activity so didn’t need much thinking. Haha! Also, the baby cakes from Wild Rose Cakes were the bomb. I may or may not have hoarded more than I should have.. #notsponsored haha!

I also went to my first spin class randomly and blogged about how much I have enjoyed it here!!!

What should I try this week though? Hot yoga, dance, barre, taekwondo? Haha!

5. Do some deep soul work.

I started reading “the Power of Positive Thinking.” and on the first few pages, the author was talking about limiting beliefs and then said “Decide why you have these feelings of no power.” Usually, I would just highlight it and go on reading the book (especially when it’s that good!!) but that night was different. It really had me thinking and so I decided to stop reading, grab my journal and actually reflect on the question. I ended up spending the next half hour going back to my childhood and writing down everything that I believe had to do with my limited mindset. AND I CRIED A LOT.

Soul work and diving deeper into your beliefs, changing your mindset, it’s alot of work. It can be so ugly and terrifying. But afterwards, it is so so liberating. I’m going to be blogging more about this soon but yup! This week, I want to do more of that. Maybe just 1 or 2. I’m not sure if I’m emotionally equipped to go through so much of that just yet. Haha!

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6. Schedule catch up dates with friends!

I was thinking whether this would make sense to put in this list. I intended it to be about myself— me-time, self-care.. but I realised that being with people and pushing yourself out of your comfy bed is a mighty act of self-care and personal growth, too. Sometimes I get so caught up and comfortable in my own bubble! Going out with people, especially the right ones, always alters our perspective and refreshes our ideas and mindset!

I recently gone for a lunch date with my friend and virtual mom, Myrhalyn. Taking pictures, vietnamese food, library.. I was super happy! Also, I have missed just talking casually about our life and family, which we mainly did. But for the few minutes that we talked about business, it was enough. When we parted, I came back to my coffeeshop ready to work!

This week I’m taking my bestie to my newfound favorite coffeeshop, joining my girls at church for a house dinner, and am planning a picnic in April! Yay!

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7. Sit down to write

Plan your week in advance. Write about the good things and actually celebrate them. Create lots of summer bucket lists and crazy goals (even without the intention of putting effort to make them happen, just put them out there in the universe!) Create a list of what you will say no and yes to. Write about your ideal day in 5 years. I JUST WANNA WRITE. ABOUT ANYTHING!

There’s something about writing, pen to paper, that feels like magic to me. I’m super grateful that this is something that I actually enjoy and am obsessed about so I don’t have to drag myself just to journal. Haha! You know why? The other day, I was feeling so down so I just went back to read my old journals. It was like reading a novel. I was crying and laughing and looking at those goals that have come true as well as the crazy ideas younger me had. I even listened to the song she had on repeat. (I used to write “Currently: reading/listening to etc” journal entries.) It almost felt like I was hanging out with another version of myself and in that moment, I knew I wasn’t alone.

I want to write more. Without the pressure of creating the cutest doodles or having the perfect grammar or being the most organized planner. Even if it’s just brain dump to empty my mind, let’s do more of it.

Looks like I’m gonna have the week of my life!! Haha! I try to say that every Monday though ✨I hope we all show up for ourselves this week, no matter how that may look like for you, and in whichever area needs it! Know that there is this hot chocolate obsessed journaling girl who’s rooting for you.

But more than that, do it because you deserve it. You deserve to treat yourself like a friend. Show up for yourself like you would for your bestfriend that you don’t ever wanna let down. Show up for you ✨


Photos of me by @Myrhalyn at Credo Coffee, Enbridge Centre branch :)


As always,

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