8 Podcasts by women for the mind, body and soul

Whether it's a video, book, music, or a blog post, I make sure to only consume things beneficial to my wellbeing, especially with the boundaries of time as a busy college student. The podcasts I listen to shouldn't be an exception. Podcasts were introduced to me earlier this year and now, I cant last a day without listening to at least one. I tune in while getting ready, editing photos, browsing through pinterest, folding the laundry- basically any tasks that doesnt require my full attention (aka writing.)

My favorite time to listen, though, is during commute. My dramatic self is really into staring out the window and listening to music while contemplating life. I spend most of my uber rides crying over inspirational interviews of women while looking up at the buildings. (Yup, that kind of drama) However, sometimes it’s really nice to take a break from my own head and have something else my mind can focus on especially when Ive had a long day and my eyes are too tired to read or watch a video.

Here are some of the podcasts keeping me company at the moment.

Hey, Girl by Alexandra Elle

[Listen here]

Alex Elle features topics on being a woman especially in the black community. Not the typical #GirlTalk limited to periods, PMS, men's attention, etc. Along with other women as her guests, the host talks about activism, motherhood, creating authentically, loss and more. Her voice is so soothing as well!

Living Open by Eryn Johnson

[Listen here]

Eryn interviews different women from around the world, discussing a wide array of topics and  lessons learned from one's own and unique journey. Veganism, self love, yoga, feminism, sexuality, dreams, and religion are only some of them. She talks to minimalists, travellers, activists, writers and students alike. Seeing into the lives of different kinds of people through the interviews is a fun learning experience.

Ladies Who Lunch by Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes

[Listen here]

I love the idea of a casual talk  about society and culture by two women while eating and this podcast is all about that! Ingrid and Cat raise awareness on issues that are perceived negatively by majority and discusses topics that are just timeless. I love being able to listen to two girls talk about things that I am genuinely interested in and at the same time, expand my knowledge and discover more of myself with every episode. 

The Heart Study by Vivian Laurence 

[Listen here]

This is the podcast I'm currently listening to. Just in time for my ever growing fascination with self discovery and spirituality. Vivian discusses different books, mostly by Osho, to dive deeper into concepts of gaining an understanding about oneself. Regardless of religion, race, age, economic status or sex, everyone will surely gain substantial morals that will challenge perspective.  The books discussed: The Four Agreements, The Fifth Agreement, Sex Matters and Being In Love by Osho.

Messy Head by Emma Mercury

[Listen here]

Just like the content of her magazine, Emma talks about a wide range of topics on spirituality, activism, the concept of perfection, heartbreak and more on her podcasts. This one stands out from the other because you can hear the city, the unclean cuts, the songs in between, maybe a construction site nearby and the people in the cafe. Indeed, it is messy but ever so in a beautiful way. These are the kind of conversations I wish had with people.

Functioning Minimalist by Sara

[Listen here]

Sara gives a new light to minimalism. She acknowledges that there isnt only one way to do it and that we all have our own way of being minimalists. Not only does she talk about the effects of the fast fashion industry, she also talks about how minimalism helps our spirituality. On her podcast, minimalism isnt just about owning less things. It is about decluttering different aspects of our lives as well. 

The Lavendaire Lifestyle by Aileen Xu

[Listen here]

Aileen is one of my favorite youtubers so it's a no brainer that her podcast made it to this list! However, loving this podcast goes beyond my bias. Being all about creating the life of your dreams, it is a source of inspiration, motivation and positivity that are just so hard to have on certain days. She exemplifies her morals by sharing her own story of being driven by her own passion. There are also collabs and interviews! My favorite one by far is the one with Sara Dietschy. 

WTF Am I Doing With My Life? by Kristy Arnett

[Listen here]

The title basically explains what this podcast is about. Kisty gives life advice and educates in such a chill way that it's never boring. Also, the guests she interviews give me life? There are 57 episodes on self, business, relationships, sex and theyre just overall inspiring and fun to listen to!

I also listen to some self help podcasts but that's for another post for you to look forward to! I hope you enjoyed this list and gained something.