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From Concrete Walls to the Heart Behind It All. | What I Learned from the Founder of Glass Earth Inc.

So often we just see the building and the finished product. I used to always get very intimidated because of how shiny things seem from the outside. Like it’s all put together and successful and all is going well. But what’s the story before all of this came to be? What’s the story behind it? What was the journey like? What brought you here today and what keeps you going? Everything changed when I learned her story.

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I Asked A Full-Time Blogger EVERYTHING — SEO, Pinterest, Getting Started, Making Money.. | With Carlee of

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but didnt know where to start? Have you ever wished you just had someone that would tell you exactly what you need to know because google seems overwhelming? I’m SUPER lucky to have been able to sit down with Carlee of! We talked for almost two hours and you bet I maximised our time together and dug deep into her blogging brain! I asked her about SEO, Pinterest, Getting Started, Making Money, Pitching to Brands and more! (And let’s be honest, her entire life story because Im nosey like that. Haha!)

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