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What My First Solo Travel Taught Me | Toronto for Tony Robbins 2018!

Two months ago, I went to Toronto to see Tony Robbins for my birthday!! It was a very significant moment in my life and a roller coaster of emotions. What a way to kickstart my twenties! #twozeroinToronto I journaled lots when I was there, filmed and took lots of pictures. Maybe part of the reason I was sent there was to gather stories and lessons I would tell others. At least that’s how I wanna see it <3 Here’s my travel video I named “Postcards from Toronto” It captured how I felt and how I experienced Toronto. Ahh <3

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The Only All-Poetry Bookstore in Canada | Knife Fork Book, Toronto

While going through the books on the shelf, I imagined having one of mine up there. I wondered what would be its title.. I was pretty sure the cover is going to be beige, and the font will be serif. It’ll have my messy doodles, or maybe actual scanned copies of the receipts on my journals. When I describe it, it feels more real. It feels closer. It’s so nice to dream, and it would be nicer to have it actualised.

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