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A few months ago, I created an Instagram page called @girlatacoffeeshop. It’s where I collect memories of coffee dates with myself and with other people, books I’m reading and ah, hot choco and quickly became my online visual diary. I just upload whatever I want. Too much pressure on my main Instagram already, let me have some fun! Ha! My bio says “photographer but only until I make it as a coffeeshop blogger.” I don’t know about you but I still think it’s funny!

Today, I am blogging about the coffeeshops (and one juicery) Glenny and I explored during out time in Abbotsford, Harrison and Agassiz British Columbia last month! My photographer & cafe blogger dreams coming true all in one day. Talk about being lucky! (Consider this my two week notice hahahha!) Still practicing my writing skills like that from a legit travel magazine (question: how many adjectives are there to describe food and the ambiance besides “pretty”????) For now, these are stories I’ll always love going back to and I get to take you with us as we walked the sunny Abbotsford and consumed waay too many hot chocolate in a span a few hours.

And like a buzzfeed clickbait article, let me say, “you won’t believe number 5!!” LET’S DO THIS.

  1. Old Hand Coffee

This first coffeeshop we checked out downtown Abbotsford!

At this point I apparently still didn’t understand how blogger partnerships work because I went ahead to get my own hot chocolate as Glenny went to the washroom. When she came back, I found out we were supposed to get it for free. Ha! Like life, sometimes we work so hard for the things that Abba willingly would give us if we just wait… OOF. AHHAHAH anyways.

It was such a delightful place! You can tell it was a favorite because people just kept coming in and out. With their friends, babies, lovers. If I lived here, I’d be that mom who would take the whole gang here for breakfast every Sunday before Church. Would be such a cute family tradition, don’t you think?

They have a wide variety of pastries! I got cinnamon buns but ended up devouring Glenny’s apple almond tart after having a bite. She was too busy enjoying her Mocha to notice :)

Visit their website.


(778) 779-3111

2617 Pauline St, Abbotsford

Tues - Fri 7 AM - 10 PM
Weekend 8 AM - 5 PM
Monday 9 AM - 2 PM


2. Duft and Co. Bakehouse


All I did here was take pictures! Ha! They were already closing when we arrived. Literally. Tables up from the floor, the staff wiping the counters.. all that jazz. But wait, I’m telling you that’s a good thing!

They make their sandwiches fresh on site every single day, open at 9am for breakfast and some chatter, and they don’t really have a closing time. Just until everything sells out (and it mostly does!)

They let us take home some sandwiches to try (we didn’t have any more tummy space to eat as it was the last place we went to and we didn’t wanna take more of their time to sit down haha!)

As we were taking “blogger” photos outside, some people were about to come in only to be disappointed that they were closed. Aw. This is another favorite! The manager even told us that on some days (they’re busiest Thurs-Sat), there wouldn’t be a place to sit! So we’re doing it takeout style.

But if they have exquisite bread in pretty packaging, who would dare complain? (Not me!!)

Visit their website


(604) 744-2443

103, 2636 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford

Tues - Sat 9 AM- 2 PM (or until sold out)


3. The Polly Fox


A minimalist, contemporary and bright space with high ceilings.. You screaming my name or something? I’M SO DOWN FOR THIS.

With that said.. we had to take our drink from the previous shop because we were going faster that we would like (#travelbloggerprobz). However, that didn’t stop us from trying drinks from this award-winning cafe!

Glenny ordered hot chocolate (with almond milk!) with me because she couldn’t take anymore caffeine! Ha! We also opted for the smaller serving. (Who knew there could be such thing as “too much hot chocolate”?) But now I wish we had more tummy space because it tasted like home. No fancy latte art, no cute quotes on the mug. Just a straightforward taste that carries itself.

Their name is an English slang term for “mildly procrastinating” and “taking a break.” You bet that was what we did! We stayed a bit longer, probably enticed by the calming ambiance of the place — all wooden furniture, beautiful photography, just the right amount of natural light, the good mixture of white & brick walls.. Just exactly what my @girlatacoffeeshop dreams are made of. This dedicated gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, sesame and soy free bakery is a must stop.

Visit their website.


(403) 760-5074

33780 Essendene Ave unit 130, Abbotsford

Weekdays 6:30 AM - 5 PM
Sat 8 AM - 5 PM


4. The Habit Project


This isn’t really a coffeeshop but let me put it here! (Don’t roll your blogger eyes, Glenny.)

If you’re in downtown Abbotsford looking for drinks, this one is worth checking out as well! Owned by sisters Danielle and Mariah, who were very generous with their time and stories (and a 2 month old baby), Habit Project is a healthy juicery that sprung up from setting an intention to switch up their diet after not feeling good post-pregnancy. I love how embedded it is into their family and personal stories of struggle.

With the tagline “You’re Worth It” and a washroom full of inspirational and motivating post-it notes, this one made me want to love the frick out of myself and my own body. They also offer retreats, which we came a month too early for! Anyone needs a photographer for Abbotsford anytime soon? Asking for a friend haha!

Oh, if you’re here for the gram, they have the widest window letting in as much natural light into their space that is mostly white. And if we’re talking branding, they’ve got it top-notch! All you have to do is click the shutter and there you have the perfect Instagram photo!

Visit their website.


(604) 746-5233

33780 Essendene Ave #120, Abbotsford

Mon - Sat 8 AM - 4 PM


5. Heritage House Cafe in Agassiz


The third day— before driving to Harrison. We just checked out of our fancy little abode at Rowena’s Inn and had a few hours to ourselves. They gave us suggestions to go to but at that point, I really just wanted to calm down for a bit and get to work. Hahaha! I almost begged Glenny to go to the nearest coffee shop. And “nearest” meant in another town.. Oops. Care for a road trip, girl?

This one is in Agassiz!! A few worship songs from Rowena’s Inn.. Ha!

Agassiz looked so beautiful with the trees in their fullness & vibrant colors. It’s a quiet little town that reminded me so much of a Nicholas Sparks movie. We concluded that it’s a place people go to retire because we were the only ones our age there and the rest were older people doing their everyday things! Definitely not a tourist spot but my oh my, if you’re the kind of traveller looking to experience the local life, you shouldn’t miss this one!

We parked a few blocks away from the cafe. And my little (still-then) naive self was carrying her laptop and her camera on her hand. Not to mention I was trying to Insta-Story while walking.. something I couldn’t do walking back! LOL you’ll find out why.

When we got in to the coffeeshop, ALLLL eyes were on us. Everyone was enjoying their breakfast or catching up with a friend over coffee. We got settled into the cutest little corner. (Glenny took another table so I could have some space for my sanity… BLESS.)

BEST PART: They have “specialty hot chocolate!!!” and with different flavors that made it so hard to decide. I had to go for the usual— aka “what’s your favorite?” GO HERE. GO HERE.

For about 45 minutes we were just working and I felt the world going back to it’s normal pace again. Haha!

Then before we left, I stood up to take pictures then the owner called me out and said “Excuse me, I preferred if you didn’t take pictures inside.” My whole body froze! I’m so used to just taking pictures of coffeeshops I forgot I wasn’t in a big ol’ city. Woops.

But after, I asked them about the coffeeshop’s story and they ended up being the sweetest people! They told me the story of the building (it’s the same age as my younger sister! Can you imagine?) and how it’s become a place of gathering for the townsfolk. Sometimes they would come and reserve the place for a birthday and everyone would just gather to celebrate. SO CUTE.

I had never felt like “that annoying city girl” up until that day, but would I come back? The hot chocolate loving grandma in me definitely would.

Visit their website.


(403) 760-5074

7216 Pioneer Ave, Agassiz

Weekdays 8 AM - 4 PM

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