Law of Attraction: 7 Ways To Act As If & Manifest Your Dream Life

Law of Attraction: 7 Ways To Act As If & Manifest Your Dream Life | Nicole Constante | Law of Attraction and Personal Development Blog

Youve probably heard the notion.. fake it til you make it. But what if i told you that you dont have to fake it?
That the manifestation of the things we desire starts when we “Act As If?”
Wanna get what you want? Start BEING what you want.

I mean, Im currently writing this blog post at a fancy hotel downtown that looks like a castle. Ya girl gotta act as if she’s a fancy princess! Haha!

Acting As If

Acting as if is one of my favorite manifestation tools and law of attraction processes. It basically says that we should start to embody the person we want to become and behaving in a way as if what we desire has already happened or is already happening.

  • If you want to be rich, start spending money in the way a wealthy person spends money -- happily and generously.

  • If you want to be confident, act as if you are confident and other people will start to feel confident in you.

  • If you wanna be healthy and fit, start feeding your body a healthy person would feed herself.


“Whatever we begin to embody and cultivate, we will begin to see it reflected back onto us in our reality.”


When we start acting as if, when you step into the next level version of yourself, then we will start to change our behaviors. Our habits. Our mindset.

And once we have a better mindset, once we become a better version of ourselves, that’s when you attract a better life. The change, the improvement, it has to happen internally first. It has to happen within ourselves first before it could happen in our surroundings.

At first it would feel odd.

Acting as if is very powerful in shifting unhealthy beliefs and behaviors we’ve cultivated subconsciously.

At first I felt awkward, odd, like im trying so hard. I asked myself, “Um what do I think Im doing?”

But i found that thats because of the limiting beliefs I held on to subconsciously.

Imagine this..

  • I grew up not being able to touch anything at the glassware section of the mall.

  • Growing up I never walked into a high end store by myself because I would always feel like I dont belong there. Although they most likely wouldnt kick me out of the store, or ask for fancy only membership if I walked in. Haha!

  • Whenever I was surrounded by wealthy & successful people, I always felt like I had to curl up and shrink myself because i thought i didnt really have the right to be in the same space as them.

  • Or I was in sooo much awe of them that I felt so separated and that there was this barrier. I almost bowed down to them.

But now? You bet it’s a whole new story.

Law of Attraction: 7 Ways To Act As If & Manifest Your Dream Life | Nicole Constante | Law of Attraction and Personal Development Blog

Let’s check out that fancy coffeeshop.

Let me invest in these events.

Im gonna have the best seller on the menu, please.

Im gonna walk up to that speaker and say hi and actually make a conversation because theyre just people like me!!

And the more I did it, the less it felt weird and scary.

The more I surrounded myself with successful people, the more it felt possible and ATTAINABLE for me too.

The more I allowed myself to feel that next level, the more it felt normal.

This is my normal now.

Wealthy is normal. Success is normal. Happiness is normal. Healthy relationships are normal.

And the more I normalized these things, it’s like the universe said “ohh she’s leveling up!!!! We’ve got to meet her where she is.”

I practiced them again and again until I was transformed. Until I changed my mindset, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

Ask Believe Receive

The three steps to manifestation and the creative process of the law of attraction are: ask, believe, receive.

When we act as if it has already been done for us, when we know the battle has already been won, when we step into our fancy pants, we are sending out a frequency of believing and receiving.

A frequency that says we already have it. and so the universe must deliver.

And it happens every single time.

What Would She Do?

Whenever Im faced with a difficult situation or I would have to decide, I ask myself, “what would she do?” And by “she” I meant the next level version of myself. The version of myself who is already more successful. Who has the kind of relationships, body, resources, wealth that I want. What would she do?

I mean, Im currently writing this at a fancy hotel downtown after a shoot. If I wasnt practicing Acting As If, I would be overcome by thoughts such as “self indulgent” or “not practical” but I chose embodying the version of myself who wouldnt even think about spending $10 for my own happiness (and hey productivity because Im creating content!) , especially after a shoot!

I manifest by embodying. And the first step to know how to embody is knowing the person we want to become. I journaled LOTS about her when I was younger and still do up to this day. When I think about it, it’s almost as if it’s a never ending process. And I can see that as “Oh, Ill never be her.” or see it as what it truly is.. We always dream a little further every time we reach a goal. Every time we get better, we only realise how much more room there is to grow. And there is always something to work towards. Im already her. So I have to come up with a higher version! I created a pdf version of the journaling prompts that I used. You can download it by clicking the photo:


Here are some ways you can practice “Acting As If”..

  1. How you speak

2 years ago I wrote a journal entry about the habits of the person I want to become and one of the things on the list was “She does not speak ill of herself and of others.”

Our words hold so much power within them and I only want to speak what I want to come true. I learnt this one from the book The Four Agreements.

The first agreement says “Be impeccable with your words.”

We should only start using our words in the direction of our dreams and vision. This includes how you speak to yourself and how you communicate with others.

When I’m frustrated or tired, I try to be more encouraging and gracious to myself. I only speak kindness to myself. (Maybe this is also why I dont fancy people who treat me otherwise ahahha im just used to myself treating ME as a princess! HAHA!)

I remember a time when I was my worst enemy and I would bombard myself with thoughts of “not good enough.” Guess what happened? I spoke “not enough” so much that I began to believe it and embody it.

So now, I try to only speak kindness. Whether that’s to myself or to other people. I speak abundance. I speak love. I speak grace. I speak faith. I speak hope.

I speak my dreams into existence and talk in a way that reflected the values of the person I want to become.

Law of Attraction: 7 Ways To Act As If & Manifest Your Dream Life | Nicole Constante | Law of Attraction and Personal Development Blog

2. How you dress up

One of my favorites. I like dressing up fancy, full on business suit and heels that my family would often ask, “where are you going?” and then I’ll just shrug because im just working from home that day. Haha! Gotta be extra.

But dressing the part really transforms the way we show up. It shifts our behaviour. At least that’s what happens to me.

When I like what Im wearing, when I have my lipstick on and Im kissing the earth with good quality shoes, I feel like I can take on anything. I feel like I’m already her. Im already her.

3. How you think about and treat money

Lots of people want to be wealthy. Wanting it is easy, but when it comes time to step into the shoes of a wealthy person, it can be scary to some.

How does the rich version of yourself think about money? How does she spend it? Where does she invest it on? How much does she give?

When I realised that THAT Nicole MOST LIKELY dont even think about ‘needing’ money because she already has it, it changed the way I treated my finances.

Now it doesnt mean Im splurging, because lol I cant even remember the last time I bought new clothes.. (thanks to my sister for letting me raid her closet)

Im just saying that the way I spent it, my mindset towards money, towards giving, towards spending, has changed.

I spend and think about the value that I get instead of what it cost me. I spend thinking about how my life becomes better, how Im helping in circulating the money so it gets to the next person who needs it, how every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

I know that the next version of myself isnt afraid to give and so I give. And hey, “Being rich is not how much you have, but it's how much you give.” :)

4. How you spend your time

She probably wont be watching 7 episodes of Scorpion in one sitting or staying up late watching a video explaining Taylor Swift’s song lyrics. IM SO GUILTY hahahaha! No to Self Drag 2019!

But in all seriousness! How does she spend her time? Who does she share it with? How does she manage tasks and projects? STEP INTO THAT and say no to everything and anyone that does not align with that version of you.

Wanna be that girl with the abs? I think she spends time exercising and eating healthy meals!

Wanna be that girl who knows people? I think she spends her time reaching out and going for coffee with other people.

Wanna be that girl with the successful blog? I think she spends her time creating EPIC content and promoting it.

Wanna be that girl with a peaceful heart? I think she takes time practicing her spiritual routine.

5. How you treat other people

She will treat other people with utmost respect regardless of their social status, position, beliefs, or whether or not they can give her something or not. Her respect is not earned, she freely gives it.

The way she acts isnt related to who she is talking to. Shes steadfast and consistent.

I know that the person I want to become only speaks love and light to other people.

She’s someone who when people tell her about their dreams, shes the first to pour fuel on their spark and light it up in a big big fire. She’s not someone who tells another to “be realistic” or practical. She encourages. And she gets excited about other people’s wild dreams.

6. How you act & show up.

When I started embodying the confidence that I want to have, the more it became real until other people started having confidence in me as well.

One of my favorite quotes by Tony Robbins goes like this.. “Live as though your prayers have already been answered.”

What would happened if you showed up as if its a sure thing? How different would you behave if you knew the answer would be yes? How would you send that email? How would you shake that person’s hand? How would you stand on that stage if you knew that the crowd already liked you and actually valued what you have to say? That they are WAITING for you? How would you show up?

I started acting as if my success is inevitable and more opportunities showed up. I choose to walk not by sight, but by faith, knowing a net will appear. Actually, a TRAMPOLINE will appear and it’ll send me even higher. Haha!

I remember before going to Toronto, I was crying to my mom because I felt like my hands were tied behind my backs and I couldnt do anything.

There was also this one time I was using public transport, and there was this person who unfolded the chairs in front.

I was so amazed by how natural it seemed to them, almost like they owned the whole bus haha!

I caught myself thinking, I wonder what that would feel like..

And right THAT MOMENT, I realised something.

  • I can only take up as much space as I allow myself to take.

  • I am only as free as I allowed myself to be.

  • I can act like the world is my playground.

  • I can feel at home anywhere, just like how fish feel at home in the ocean.

And girl, it’s not like anyone would stop you from unfolding a bus chair? Um??? HAHAHHA I just like watching people so much. I learn from the simplest things haha!

7. How you think and make decisions.

What’s her mindset like? I know that the way my higher self makes decisions would always reflect her hopes and never her fears. And so when I decide, it’s not that I dont consider and manage the risks, but I look at the most beautiful end result that may come.

How would she see this certain situations? Are they stumbling blocks or stepping stones? Surely, it’s the latter. Because she knows that the only time you fail is when you stop trying. As long as you’re in the game, you’re winning

And my favorite law of attraction practice? Gratitude. When we have gratitude, it never feels fake. We dont have to try, it just comes naturally.
I read somewhere that gratitude is our highest connection to God, to the universe, to our higher self. And you bet I wake up connected wink wink

Law of Attraction: 7 Ways To Act As If & Manifest Your Dream Life | Nicole Constante | Law of Attraction and Personal Development Blog

We get what we want when we stop wanting it. When we stop chasing. And once we start acting as if, we step into that version of ourselves who no longer has to want it because she’s already got it. Because it has already happened. And so we act, think and give differently. And in return, life shows up differently too. :)

I promise you, the more abundant I allowed myself to feel, the more abundant life became.

This whole life thing, it starts and ends in our minds. No one could convince me otherwise no matter how hard they try.

Your space can only be as big as you allow it to be. You can only have as much as you allow yourself to take. OWN IT.

Ready to get started?


As always,

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