Best of April

These are the things Ive been loving lately. The ones my time is spent on if Im not working or at school. I think I will change up the monthly favorites posts in the future and give you resources and examples but for now, let me mindlessly ramble about my obsessions.

To watch:

  • The Miracle Worker - in one of my communication subjects, we were asked to make a presentation of our choice. In my case, it was women empowerment and in my research, I learned more about Helen Keller. She has been an inspiration ever since. This movie told the story of her childhood. The child actress was so good! Her story made me appreciate the little things all the more. The gift of sight, hearing and being able to talk is really a privilege and shouldnt be taken advantage of. I wish more people learn that sooner.
  • Coach Carter - Im nowhere near a basketball fanatic but there’s no denying that this movie is a masterpiece! Speaks such an important message about he importance of education, about hard work and about life in general. If youre in need of inspiration, watch it!
  • Elle - The synopsis makes it seem as if it centers on rape but that is only a fraction of it. This French movie centers on the life of a successful businesswoman who gets assaulted on the first scenes. The plot is ever so unpredictable and throughout I kept asking, "Why?!" I love that they portray a strong female character. I think they just really wanted to tell a story and bring characters to life and that there isnt really a goal for the plot. Such an original film that's best watched alone or with a companion or two. 
  • #Y - Taft always makes me feel like Im in a movie but actually seeing it in one made me fall in love with it more! These kind of film should be more accessible in cinemas because it talks about substantial topics that I think would help everyone, especially the youth in understanding others better, finding themselves and interacting with the world. The movie portrays mental illness and teenage life in a different light and I love that they let the audience define the ending. 
  • My Husband’s Lover - I havent missed a day ever since I started watching it! It goes on for 2 hours on Fox Filipino with barely any commercial break so Im going to miss a whole week’s worth of episodes if I did! I wish there were more local shows like this. Dir. Dominic Zapata did great with the composition, the storyline, the script and the angles hahahha! Lally’s words just strikes through and Im so in awe of the characters. (Although Vincent is getting quite annoying.) I stumbled upon this right before the climax and thats why I was just hooked!! But I like that I only get to watch it now because I think the long commercial breaks and cliffhangers would drive me insane. 
  • Study With Me (real time) by The Strive Studies on youtube -   So it’s basically a video of someone recording themselves just studying, no talking, minimal cuts. I know it sounds creepy but it’s not! Hahaha. April was such a busy month filled with school work and projects and side hustles for me. It was so draining so seeing another person working hard as well just gives me buckets of motivation!

To Read:

  • Forbidden by Judy Waite - It made me realise just how much religion really affects the way we view the society. Im going to be honest, I picked it up from the library because I thought its story was about love. But I was wrong. Im so glad I was wrong. It gave me a new perspective on the systems and let me understand other people's choices well. That knowledge is really power. The real meaning of freedom. Of happiness. It kept me company on the bus for a few days and I may not be a fan of the writing, but the story is compelling! 
  • Kissing Me Away by Charles Bukowski - this is a bit of a lewd poem but I just love it so much. He makes me feel like Im cheating with EE Cummings. I love them both! 
  • The Best Laid Plans - This book is the most beautifully written book Ive ever read. It may not be my favorite plot but the way Sidney Sheldon told the story just blown me away. I think I will have to talk about it on a separate post for a review because what I had just wrote about it is too long already. Oops. 


  • Restock Coffee and Curiosities - I met Orin and the Barako crew here! It was smaller than it seems on most pictures. It's filled with Vinyl Records which I think are for sale along with some stationery, a wall full of National Geographic magazine through the years, and all things pretty. I tried their hot chocolate. It's not the best and not that Ill order it again but it's not bad! 
  • Coffee Project - Im writing this post here right now. It’s my first time here!! And let me tell you, love at first sight is a thing! I know I say this about every coffee shop hahahaha but Im just in pure adoration. Im surrounded by plants and flowers and although fake, they put me in such a sunshine mood. The wooden tables, brick walls, the lights, candles.. everything about the interior is a dream. Such a bummer that I left my phone at home. My millennial butt cant take photos of my tea and pasta!!!!! Ive been here for a few hours and it’s almost sunset now, the natural light thats coming in paints me a picture. 

[a/n: Im here again, finishing this post this time! And finally got some photos haha! I ordered Earl Grey and girrrl I finished it in less than 10 mins I think? Who am i? Why is it so good??]

  • Pansol - my colleague's place in pansol, the one we stayed at overnight, had a spectacular view!! It's on the highest point. We arrived at night so I didnt really appreciate it but nature showed off in the morning.

To eat/drink:

  • Tea - April was the month of giving up energen!! I hope I make you proud when I say that I only had it once this month and I barely even finish it!! I avoided other coloured drinks as well. It’s just my water and tea! At first it was awful but eventually I got used to it. Im actually always looking forward to drinking it at night now! My sleep is so much better. So far Ive tried green tea, lemon and ginger, earl grey and the English Breakfast from Coffee Project. Ive also tried Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s mint and omg Im never trying it again hahahahha it smells good, sure, but it was just a nightmare to drink! 
  • Garlic bread - who doesnt love it? let's fight
  • Skyflakes fit :((((((( 

To listen:

  • American Teen by Khalid - I couldnt stop listening for days. My favorites are Young Dumb & Broke and Location. So good! I think it's the perfect down time music. You can chill or dance to it. 
  • Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey - Ive always been a fan of Lana’s music but this one is just special. We listened to this on the way to the mountain resort and it just reminds me of being free from all the paperworks already. Haha! The other Nicole and I were listening to this as well as she told me stories during a swim the next morning while the everyone else were still asleep. 
  • True Colors (Trolls version) - Hearing Yuna and Yana sing this melt my heart everytime. I swear they are angels. I listen to it from time to time especially when Im stressed out and it works wonders remembering their lovely faces.
  • Say anything you want but Im still and will always be a slut for Bruno Mars’ new album. Just slay me because I cant stop dancing. 
  • My playlist. Listen to it [here.]


  • Indesign - I remember so well how InDesign made me cry during my first semester of school. Looking back, Ive come a long way indeed. It’s one of the most used apps n my computer now and I just enjoy it. Ive felt this way with Illustrator too. It used to terrify me just opening it up but look at me now! I mean, my work is far from the best but I sure do love every single one of it!
  • Fish - ive got a new baby!!!! I couldnt think of a name so when my mom burst into my room asking what did I name it, I just said “Fish.” He’s such a spirit lifter and makes me smile especially in the mornings. I had to let Christina go last month and having Fish is such a blessing.
  • My coloured pens - Im becoming such a stationery hoe and youll probably get a monthly dose of it in my favorites. I got my pens for a cheap price. My bullet journal looks livelier! Finally, I learned how to not make it look like a fifth grader’s work with colors HAHA
  • Organizing fonts. I basically organize everything. 
  • Sleepovers with Puppy and Bubby. Yuna and Yana have been spending their nights with us and I will never get enough of their cute faces. It's the nicest thing to come home to them after a tiring day. I dont think anything or anyone could compare. 


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