I'm Traveling To BC and Here Are My 3 Goals ✨


I am currently in Abbotsford!

My friend Glenny from Confessions of A Scorpio took me with her to take pictures and I’ve just fallen a little deeper in love with my life. Last night after I packed, (anyone else packs literally the night before? Haha!) I wrote down these goals and I thought I’d share them!

It’s interesting to be reading this again now after our first day— which has been a blast by the way! Probably one of my favorite days of my life. The travel post will be for later, but for now, here we go with my goals for this trip!

1. Balance work & fun.

No room for overwhelm! I remember during my Toronto trip in September, I set a goal to finish everything before I left so I won’t have to bring my laptop and work. But this time, it didn’t even cross my mind. I think I’m just calm down finding my way through this work-life integration thing. With the kind of work that I chose to do, I am blessed that I can mold it into my lifestyle and that I don’t have to be the one adjusting for it. I think this will be a good playground, too! I’ve always dreamt of being able to travel for work, and work while traveling to new places, and I want to be reminded of that. Overwhelm wouldn’t get a room in me because I’d be filled up with so much and excitement and gratitude that I get to live my dreams. Maybe I could publish a blog post at the airport. Ha!

2. Postcards from BC

It has become my little travel tradition to create a video every time I go to a new place. I called it “Postcards from _____” because I have my journal entries as the background for the videos. It’s a bit sentimental and sometimes I’m not even sure if there’s an actual recipient of the “letter” but it takes me back to where I was, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually during that time of my life.

I did one for Banff, and another one for Toronto. They have the kind of lessons I’m learning and what I’m going through. They’re both so special and I’m so excited for how this one will unfold.

This kind of also means I gotta push myself to journal as I go, instead of journaling when I get home! Haha! Collect as many receipts, packets, map, petals and stick them to my journal! MAKE MEMORIES. I’m so excited to be filming again and to journal at every coffeeshop!

3. Use cash for everything!!

I think in the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve only ever used my debit card twice or thrice. I ate up Dave Ramsey’s videos at one point and I learnt a lot about handling my finances-- and I found that I’m better (and science proves it too) when spending actual cash instead of just tapping a card. Haha! I’m more aware of my expenses, I get to feel the energy exchange and girl it’s always fun to budget with actual cash. Haha! Also, the staff appreciate it better when I tip in cash so that makes me happy!! I’ve set a budget of how much I can spend for this trip and I’m so ready for this challenge!

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