Downtown Calgary's Instagram-Worthy Coffeeshops

To me, traveling means hunting down the best hot chocolate in coffeeshops with the cutest interiors downtown. That's the first thing I do when I get to explore a new place. Haha! My recent weeklong Sabbatical (Haha can I even call it that?! LOL we're gonna call it that!) trip to Calgary was one for the books. This time I was able to really explore a bit of the city and it redefined Calgary for me. I fell in love and probably wouldve given a kidney if it meant I could live there. Haha!

I cannot wait to go back and so today, I'm sharing 3 coffeeshops I visited while staying there! If youve been following me, you know how much of a sucker I am for cute cafes with good menu I can take pictures of. So here's a round up of Calgary's best coffeeshops for travellers!

1. Al Forno Bakery & Cafe

222 7 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0E4
Weekdays 7AM-9PM | Sat 8AM-9PM | Sun 8AM-6PM

That day, I was a traveller touring around Italy and stopped by this bakery and cafe that had the most beautiful interior and staff. I was living my best Italiana life with my veggie pasta and garlic bread and no one couldve convinced me this was just a story in my head. This place made my Italiana dreams come true for a few hours!

Al Forno also has a dog-friendly patio for those of you fur-parents out there. I LOVE IT

2. Espresso Coffee

273 10 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1V5

ALL DAY BREAKFAST. I'm sold. We didnt have any plans on where to go and we took the wrong train but I guess it's the best thing ever to have happened that day because it led us here. When I saw this place from the outside I was curious to see more although I didnt expect much. And boy oh boy, did it surprise me. This little Paris inspired coffee shop at Kensington had the widest variety of food. From breads to full on meals, you could never go wrong. And they have the most beautiful interior too that has a different vibe on each corner but manages to complement each other well. And my hot chocolate? THE BOMB. We sat at the biggest and most comfortable couch that gave us a view of the outside with their large glass walls and from there, we got to watch people. And we did that for hours.. Ahhh so pretty. It rained as well, making it feel like Im watching an Indie movie.

I won't miss this one if I were you :)


1140 Kensington Rd NW #200, Calgary, AB T2N 3P3
8AM-11PM M-TH | 9AM-11PM Sun | 8AM-1AM F | 9AM-1AM Sat

On my last full day, I explored Kensington with my cousins and took a lot of pictures. There were lots of good cafes there with their own distinct vibe but we opted to checkout Hexagon. It's spacious inside and the place is perfect if you have a big group hangout (which I miss sooo much omg). They have a lot of board games and plenty of choices on their menu!