Personal Development, Spirituality and Business Books for 2019


Today, we are talking about books!

Self-education is crucial for me. In life, we are either growing or dying and we gotta make sure we’re always on the former side. Quite frankly, I see it as a luxury. Being able to build habits and choose my rituals is such a big privilege because I acknowledge that not everyone gets to prioritize it so I really seize it.

I also find it so enchanting how I have so much books now that I’m able (forced to haha) give some away! I used to just dream of having these business books and I even have them on my vision board, and now, I have them. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures. I don’t know. I mean, sometimes I don’t get why people enjoy playing video games too, maybe that’s the same with my reading haha! I am addicted to information. (One day, I reflected on it and I found the reason why I love reading is because I HATE not knowing and feeling ignorant which came from such a very bad place/experience but I’m getting better! Haha.)

When I am tired and I just want some winding down, I’m so used to grabbing my phone and just scrolling without intention and not only is it affecting my health, it is also such a waste of time! Haha! Instead of scrolling on Instagram which sometimes causes you to compare yourself with others and ultimately steals your joy, you could use that time reading and growing yourself. That’s an agreement I made with myself.

I noticed how many books I have yet to read and I resolved to read every single one of them this year!! My favorite mentors and the people I look up to are BIG on reading. My favorite business leaders all swear by reading books and for 2019, I’m reading a book a week!!

Here are some of the books I have read so far, I’m currently reading and the ones I am excited to read!! I recommend every single one of these books and though they have different purposes, they all help you to live a better, more intentional life. :)

On my reading list:

  • The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale - A few months ago, my aunt from Calgary went to Edmonton for one of their company events. I found that there were going to be speakers and so I asked if I could come! Haha. Nerd alert! I’ve learnt so much from that event that day and I was probably the youngest but still with the most notes. Haha! When it ended, they were taking pictures with the speaker. I went up to him and asked, “If you could only read one book, what would it be?” The question challenged him and he was thinking for about 15 seconds before he said “Hm.. I have 3!” Haha! The first one he recommended was Think and Grown Rich and when I said I have already read that one, he pointed to this book. The Power of Positive Thinking! I’m super excited to be reading it. Such a small book but I’m sure it contains the world’s wisdom if someone THAT successful and wise suggests it. (Also, I’ve read TAGR and go back to it every once in a while, so if it’s even second to that book, this is magic!)

  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz - I’ve been in love with this book ever since I could remember. I first heard about it in a commentary podcast and even though I haven’t officially read the book, I started living the concepts I’ve learnt. I was still in the Philippines then and it has changed the way I interacted with the others and how I live my life. I also had concept summary on my previous vision board, says a lot about how much I want it incorporated with my life!! And recently, I stopped by a used bookshop just to take a break from walking in the cold haha! And I wasn’t really planning on getting anything until I saw this one! I just knew it was mine. That night my mom slept over and then I “volunteered” to read to her. She didn’t have a choice ahahha! I asked her, “pick a number from 1-4” she picked 2 and I read the second agreement to her— Don’t Take Anything Personally. Halfway through the chapter she was tearing up and then when I finished, we stayed up for another hour and she just talked to me. I love this book so much. She even said “you should read that to your siblings too!” The Four Agreements are such basic concepts and they may be easier said than done but when you brought awareness and intention, it is so easy and you will find that there’s no other way you’ll choose to live your life than by living by these 4 principles.

  • 365 Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle - I was gifted this book a few months ago and I was so so excited to read it! Every page is dedicated for a day of the year but you don’t have to start it exactly January 1st! Haha! I love that it is very actionable! Literally, everyday it has something new for you to try to CREATE more happiness in your life. It just shows that happiness isn’t something you wait for and that you could go get up and create it for yourself. It reminds you of the things to be grateful for, down to the littlest things. Your way of walking, looking up at the sky, stretching, imagination prompts that make you just smile so big.. When you read this book, you're reminded of how your joy is in your hands and taking responsibility for it isn’t as hard as we make it to be because there are so many things to be happy about if we only make the effort. Happiness is available if we choose to give it a chance. And hey, it is a very easy read! You could easily wake up and do the exercise or come home to it at the end of the day. Or even, in the middle of the work day. I also love the way that it’s been written, I can just feel the bubbly energy of the author through her words. I’m so excited to finish it and I’m grateful for it.


  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle -On Valentine’s day, my goood good friend Karly and I went for some ramen! I didn’t know how much I have been craving until she asked me haha! She’s also very much into personal development and most of our talk revolved around that we were such nerds haha! I brought her my favorite favorite favorite ever ever book, The Alchemist, and she gave this one to me to read. I have been hearing about this book literally everywhere and I even watched Eckhart Tolle’s episode with Oprah so I’m very excited to have this book! Gotta stay present. I tend to either live in the future or think a lot about my past and although it is nice to reflect on my life that way, I should not forget to live in the now. I was journaling about it the other day and I noticed that when I live in the now, I don’t need anything. I just am. And isn’t that a much better point of attraction— being in the now? Isn’t that a much better way to live?

  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek - There’s a reason why Simon Sinek is on my current vision board. I love his leadership. Before I did my first public speech, I watched endless videos of him on youtube and I always pray to be able to speak and influence the way he does. He just connects with his audience. And what’s more, I love the way he sees business and being a leader. It is about values and finding a community that share your beliefs because that’s the only way to do business. In Start with Why, he talks about the golden circle of how you should do marketing. He also has a tedtalk which he talks about it and gives examples (hey Apple hey) and I realised how much it applies to me because, I mean I barely go shopping haha but when I do!!!! It’s for the things that I believe in and by companies whose messaging really aligns with my own. Anyone who wants to start an influential business and create a tribe around it should read this book! I’m currently listening on Audible but you get the point haha!

  • This is Marketing by Seth Godin - I am a nerd at marketing!! Along with Start with Why, I chose This Is Marketing to use my Audible credits on. I love reading so much, but these types of books, I love being able to listen to it just like my podcasts. And I’m almost done with this one!! Seth Godin knows what he is talking about!! I loved his interview with Marie Forleo and Tim Ferris. (BOTH GEMS ABOUT MARKETING!!! And business in general!) He talks about marketing in a very different way than most books and articles. I just love values-based leadership and this book is all about that. In the cover it says “You can’t be seen until you learn to see.” If all marketers did their job this way instead of what we’ve been grown accustomed to because “that’s just how everyone has been doing it for decades” we will have more successful businesses. And by successful, I meant in all areas. In good influence, in profits, in purpose.. in everything.


What are you currently reading?

Have you read any of these books here? What do you think about them? :)

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