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A Letter To My Future Baby Girl

Why I fight my battles, why I finish this race, why I press forward— it is all because I often think of you. This will all end in me, baby girl. The lack, the poverty mindset, the limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns. All these chains that has been passed down to me, the strongholds that had been the normal, the repeated cycles, they will all be broken in me so you wouldn't have to suffer them.

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Life Lately: May Journals | The Highest Highs and Lowest Lows

I think I should do this more often.. while writing this post, I was able to look back at how full the month had been and it just steers me into gratitude. I don’t have words to describe May. That’s funny, because this would be such a long post. But how which category do I put it under when I have experienced the highest highs and fell to such a low point I have not experienced in such a long while?

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