4 Things To Remember When Creating Your First Vision Board

first vision board tips to create

I created my first vision board a year ago and it’s been one of the biggest blessings.

From manifesting the big things like moving to another country, flying to Toronto to see Tony Robbins live, to the smallest things like more personal development books and a queen size bed, I still get goosebumps looking at it during my visualization practice every morning.

A year later, I’m creating another vision board to set the tone for my 2019 and inspire me to pursue after my wildest dreams. And this time, I get to use the lessons I learned from my first vision board and why I think it worked so well in manifesting to my reality.

Here are 4 things to remember when creating your vision board!

  1. Let go of the present version of yourself.

When you start creating, let go of the present version of yourself and what you think is realistic. It is your space and time to dream your wildest.

And don’t judge yourself for wanting things. You are the most beautiful when you’re incredibly honest with yourself and the most empowering when you are unapologetic about what you want.

If you want a stack of money on that board, girl get it! Wanting money doesn’t make you evil. Money is the meaning you put into it. And for me, money is a tool and a vehicle. It will allow me to give as graciously as I have received from God and it will let me live the lifestyle that I want, seeking fulfillment because I can focus on being who and what God has called me to be and not have to worry about paying rent.

No one’s here to call you out on being materialistic especially when you know deep in your heart the reason why you want things.

2. Choose photos that evoke a STRONG feeling, not just what looks pleasing.

Choose photos that evoke a feeling and not what would others think would be pretty. I had to be thrice as careful this time because I knew I was going to make it with other people. (I mean, I didn’t and couldn’t have imagined there will be 40 of us here and Im still over the moon about that!!) I was really pressured and I had to do multiple heart checks.

Do I want to put this on my vision board because this inspires me, or because I think this will be inspiring for others? Does this penthouse just look fancy and would make my vision board look BOMB, or am I still doing this because I really love living in the city, comfortable in a big space, and this picture is perfect because it has tall windows that allows natural light and it overlooks the ocean which I love so much because the ocean makes me feel peaceful and reminds to be grounded and to live slowly? I got the answer. Our intuition always tells us the answer.

And did you notice that I wasnt much focused on the penthouse? I didnt focus on which floor it would be or the design or anything. Those can be your consideration and it’s always better when you’re specific.

But your main focus should fall on one thing and one thing alone. Your feelings. How does it make you feel? Why do you want those large windows? Why do you want to see the ocean when you look outside? Why do you want to live in the city? It has to mean something to you, it has to evoke a strong EMOTION because if it doesn’t, why would you bother to look at it every single day, why would you be excited to wake up every single morning and practice visualization if it doesnt make you feel any different?

The intentions we set are only as strong as the emotion we connect to it. It will only have life when the secret ingredient is there and that is our feeling. The higher the purpose, the more magnetic we get to attracting that and our feelings pull us into the direction of our desires.


3. Not everything has to be material things.

Put words and phrases that represent the beliefs or feelings you want to embody and affirmations you’d like to repeat to yourself

You can put quotes that you want to live by, affirmations that you want to remind yourself of, words and phrases that represent your values. For example, I had abundance, career, my catchphrase “get it girl”, the word businesss. I am the woman of my dreams. And Im sure many can relate to this one.. “Im building a brand, Im always busy.”

Put pictures of people who inspire and motivate you Maybe there’s a person who has the business that you want, maybe they have the family, maybe it’s the way they run their business or because they remind you how to treat your employees or other people. Or maybe it’s because the way they live their life inspires you. That’s what happened when I put Tony Robbins here. I mean, sure, I wanted to see him and maybe attend one of his events, but when I was putting this picture of him here, I was only thinking about how he helped me FEEL inspired and motivated. He changes the lives of so many people and his impact is invaluable. Those are what I thought about. Those are what I THINK about whenever I look at this picture of him.

4. Remind yourself why you’re creating it.

It is not something you do because it looks cool, or because everyone else seems to do it nowadays. Or to just have something cute up on your wall. I mean those can be your reasons, but your ultimate reason should be to inspire yourself. To have something to remind you, especially in the hard times, to remind you of why you do what you do in the first place. and as entrepreneurs we all go through that. It’s For you to have something to hold on to, a vision that drives you forward even when what you see in the real world looks so far from it. Your vision board something to keep you focused, because the world will always have something to distract us with, we will always bump into shiny things-- people that promise this amount of money in x amount of weeks if you do this, or join this business or have the same model as I do and youll have it.
Not only does it keep me looking up when during the lowest of lows, but it also keeps me focused and reminds me of where I’m going. Of what I truly want. Of what really matters for me. Of my values. It reminds me that I’m playing the infinity game and we’re in it for the long run.


When we dont have a vision, when we dont stand for something, we’d fall for anything.


As always,

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