Da Capo in Whyte Ave | YEG Coffee

Edmonton Coffeeshop Da Capo in Whyte Ave YEG

Local coffee shops are my go-to may it be for work, dates, or work dates! Each of them has their own way of 

I got the "Italian Hot Chocolate" for a few reasons.
1. I never have coffee (except for ice cream!)
2. I'm the biggest Italiana wannabe. Have I told you I self-studied Italian once and was able to actually converse in it? I blame it on having a crush on an Italian boy and my 15 year old heart couldnt dream of anything but to marry.
3. It's an Italian coffeeshop. Why would I get the Dutch one? (Although I wondered howd that taste.

This one only came in one size, 8 oz for $5.25 unlike other drinks that you can get bigger ones. I thought it was special. And boy was I correct! It was hands down the best hot chocolate Ive ever had. And Ive had my fair share of them so I think I can say that!

It had a very thick chocolate topping that I was scared to ruin haha! The actual drink was thick as well so the spoon was put to good use! It reminds me of Champorado minus the rice because of its thickness.

And even though it came in a tiny weeny size, it's worth it! I dont think I even finished it. Not because I didnt like the taste but it was just enough for me.

The view outside was spectacular too! I was staring at how the almost sunset sky changed colors behind beautiful architecture the whole time. With all the cars passing and people walking by with their dogs. And felt like I was in Paris. Can a girl get any luckier? Being in an Italian coffeeshop and looking outside feeling like in Paris? Um? Thank you!

It was small and intimate but the white walls and open windows made me forget about that. I'll let the pictures talk about the ambiance of the place.

Edmonton Coffeeshop Da Capo in Whyte Ave YEG
Edmonton Coffeeshop Da Capo in Whyte Ave YEG

So did I just turn into a food blogger?!

On my last few days in Manila, I remember wondering if another city would ever make me feel THAT at home. If Id learn to 

But Edmonton has given all the answers. It's the city that makes me feel brand new, that reminds me again and again of possibilities and I love how connected I am. There are yoga retreats everywhere and more people doing their own thing (backed up by others who are genuinely so supportive and positive.)

Whenever I meet new people, they always ask me how do I find it. As much as I love talking about my first winter ever ever, I learnt better than to mention the cold because it would just turn into a weather talk. Seriously, I didnt know there were so much to say about the weather! Haha!

So when they ask me, I talk about my favorite thing. The transport system. It's just so organized. I dont know better words to describe it because thats what it is for me! It is so organized omg. I love how disciplined the people are and most of all, I love seeing new faces! There's such a big diversity of people here and I love how everyone's just always smiling. Asking strangers how their days are. (The answer is always "Going great, man! How are you?!")

Im learning more about myself and falling even deeper in love with my dreams because they feel closer to me than ever. Edmonton has taught me it's never about where we come from, but where we're going. Look ahead. Move forward.

Edmonton Coffeeshop Da Capo in Whyte Ave YEG
Edmonton Coffeeshop Da Capo in Whyte Ave YEG
Edmonton Coffeeshop Da Capo in Whyte Ave YEG

This post isnt only about starting to post about coffee shops. I'd like to say it's about making changes too. I think Ive taken things a bit too seriously on my blog. I'm not saying I dont love it, just that I shouldnt forget that it can be my playground too. 

Growth comes when I allow myself to play and experiment without pressure.

I have so many journal entries that I want to share but sometimes I fear that it wont serve anyone but me. I created my blog not only to express myself but to help others too, but I believe that theres a way that I can do both.

And I want to go back to my values. Authenticity before trying to be relatable because in my honesty, Id be able to create a deeper connection with you. Im writing this the next day after visiting this coffee shop. I wasnt even planning to turn it into a blog post but here I am. No plans, doing things the best way I know how, spontaneously. Ha! Did you ever expect to hear that from a HUGE planner junkie? Me neither.

But this is how things are going to be from now on! Or from now. I dont know. I enjoy doing research and Id continue with that, but I wont forget to leave myself out. 

Just thought I have to start treating my website like I should and put it first. I want it to contain myself and my personality, too. I think that sometimes gets left out when Im trying a bit TOO hard to be "professional and of value." Notice how I didnt try to be an ACTUAL "food blogger"? Id have to study how to actually describe food and ambiance but for now, Ill tell my stories haha!

I promise to continue with the valuable content! Im just adding more of myself. And more play. Wink wink!

As always,


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